Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 20th thru the 22nd 2013

 We were worried (well Vickie was worried)
that Allred had had so much bad things happen
to him on is walk about last
November and December
that he would never get back to normal.
I am here to say, that "The Evil One" is back
Worse than ever.  Poor Tanner cannot
walk through the kitchen without getting
smacked by Allred.  In fact, none of us
have escaped his wrath the last few weeks.
Even Vickie has a scar on her neck for a
late night mood that over came him.
IN some ways this makes her happy but in
other ways, it is like living with the devil again.
 John went hiking last weekend up to the ranch
and came back with good news.  The roads
will soon be open enough for us
to get up and play.
There were many fun wildlife critters
to see, among them Moose, Elk, A white wolf
and these critters.   Man.....A white wolf.
I so hope me and Vickie get to see it this year.
Back at the kennel we had a new guest
who moved into the trees surrounding us.
We decided to call her Pippin.
Sorry to many of my blogville friends,
but I think this is the cutest squirrel ever
and I am excited she has moved in.
 Monday Me and Goose took our humans
for a fun walk and swim.
 With the snow gone we can get
into lots of fun areas where I can climb
trees, romp through the woods,
anything I like.
 My Vickie's Heart tree is still here.
It is cute how she smiles every time she
sees it.  She calls it her "Double the Love" tree.
While your checking out the cool pictures
we took on our walk, I want to tell
you about one of the great characters in
our lives.  We got a call from him yesterday
while me and Vickie were at the University
testing for our Pet Partners re-certification.
By the way, I got the highest level on
the test and I have no restrictions.
That means, I am good to go anywhere at
all, no matter what the size of the group
is, how crazy a situation (like in the ER)
I get it all.  Yeah.
 Anyway, when we got out of the test
we were told to call our Past National SAR
President JD.  That was like, a blast from
the past for Vickie since she hadn't spoken to
them for years. 
She was so excited to call and say hi. 
JD was the head of his whole
county's Search and
Rescue department just over the
boarder of Idaho
for as long as we can remember.
He is a tall, lanky, cheerful, fun guy who made
every search in his county an event.
By that we mean, that even though it was
terrible, hard, dangerous, sad....what ever
the situation.  JD was there to cheer us on
and to bring a lighter side to everything.
(Don't get us wrong, he was one of the two best
people that Vickie and all of our teams
loved working with.  His professionalism,
his skills, everything made him an incredible
commander.)   But he was a joy to work with
at the same time and he took such good care
of all his members and all of our dog teams.
 Anyway, JD wanted some cadaver dogs.
Well, I am one heck of a cadaver dog myself
but since we have been doing so much
therapy work, I have gotten a little out of
practice so we referred him to another unit
of dogs that we have worked with in the
past to come out and help them find the
rest of a victim of a train/truck crash
that happened in January.
We are thinking of going along just
to be able to work with JD again and to
see his Sandra his wife, who is also a delight
and we have missed too.  Check in next week
and we will let you know if we have any
luck.  The victim is a close family member
to JD and Sandra so we are hoping
we can help bring some closure to them
after so many months.
Well, off to the hospital now.  I can't wait
tell the nurses how my test went.