Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 12 thru 18 2013

 I am ashamed to admit that I have 
pushed poor Bert too hard over the last
9 days.  There has been major
construction on our house which
has been very discomforting
for all the dogs, especially Mr. Bert. 
Then there were numerous
demonstrations to be done. 
Much more than we normally
do in a week.  The Therapy and the
School kids reading.
It was way too much pressure to
put on the boy.  He took it all so
well until last Friday
and then it just seemed to
reach a breaking point
for him.   Bad Human......
Bad My Vickie
 There were many highlights
in the week though, one of  the
best was Friday when we went
to Idaho Falls to do two demonstration.
On the way there we got to stop
in and meet our blogville friends.
WE met them at a park just off
the freeway and it was very exciting.
Bailey and I still have a few
things to work out, because.....well,
he's a guy and these were his
women and I was, well you know
the gorgeous and handsome
Man of the world. 
 The lovely Gretel quickly
won my heart with her sweet
and happy spirit.  She was lots of
fun and we even got a video
of her doing her obedience to show
you, but My Vickie says we need
to wait a few days before we
post it.  You'll love it.
 Hazel was the most patient
with me.  She even came up and
gave me a kiss, well
And then, even after I was a bit
moody with Bailey, Miss Linda, who is
by the way.....a great and fun human being,
gave me my own stuffy.  She actually had
two stuffies in the bag, one for me and
one for Goose, but I got to pick.
Hope you don't mind Goose, I picked
the lion.  You'll have to wait until Monday
to see who you got. It was a wonderful time.
After we left my friends from the Pug
ranch we continued on to Idaho Falls
where we met up with My Vickie's
sister Debbie and her hubby John.
Then we went to a  school full of
fun kids and did a demo and another
one later in the day.
 Back to earlier in the week.
I love my groomer and you may not
be able to tell but this is a smile I
have on my face and I save it just
for her.  I don't even smile for
My Vickie, just the groomer.
 More hospital visits and one final
visit to the kids at the school, I am
going to really miss our reading time.
But My Vickie says it will start
up again in just a few months
and we are very excited because
Miss Sugar has sent us some
books to share with the kids.  I
can't wait to let them read it too me.
If you want a good read you should
check this out Sugar's Furry Friend
More demo's too.  I especially
like it when we do them outside
in parks.  Here I am modeling
"How to stay warm and dry"
 Or here I am playing the Lake
and teaching the children how
to approach water when lost.
 But it wasn't all work,
Miss Sophie and I played a
game of softball while waiting
for the kids to arrive.
I missed this one, but I
tried really hard.
 Miss Sophie and Paulette played
the outfield.  She was pretty good.
There was a trip to the Lake
but I got into a little trouble
on that one.  check out Goose's Blog
to read about it.
 Allred is in one really
bad place and has been for
months, but we will write more
about that in a few days.
Anyway, My Vickie realizes she
has put too much pressure on
me over the last few weeks
and so this Saturday and Sunday
was all about me getting LOTS
and LOTS of rest.
So now I am off to bed again
but here are a few more pics
from the last few days that
we thought you might like.
 Here's my bud Dougal who
got to go to the Pineview lake this
week and, check this out
 He then got to turn around
and spend the day at the
Great Salt Lake.  Check out
all that salt.  Not a great lake
to drink the water in, but
still  a pretty fun lake to swim in.
You know, you can't sink in it.
 Bongo has been spending
some quality time with Kristi.
This week she and Kona got
to work on the treadmills.
They want to get fit and look great
for when someone is lucky enough
to adopt them.  Fingers Crossed everyone.
 Zero shows off his pearly whites.
And I experience the
"Big Red Slide"
Hopefully things will quiet
down a bit this coming week
for both of us.  I think My Vickie
is almost as tired and moody
as I have been.


  1. Oh my goodness. No wonder you were a bit off -- that was quite a week you had. Plus that whole buoy thing must have been exhausting in and of itself :)

  2. You and Vickie have been busy! Y'all deserve some time off. Just kick back and let the clouds float by. Have a great week. XOXOXO

  3. Bert I think you should take the week off. You deserve it buddy. And I am still so jealous of you meeting the Idaho Pugs. But as you know I had to help MOM with the Famine thingy. See ya in the morning buddy. Have my special gift from the Pugs ready for me.

  4. We can't believe you would ever be moody Bert. You do such good work teaching the kids and letting them read to you.

    Millie & Walter

  5. Take it easy, mate. You're wearing us out just listening to all the stuff you did. But we have to admit, getting to meet bloggers in the furs is a real treat!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  6. Did you really get to slide down that big red slide, Bert?

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Phew - we are exhausted just reading about all your adventures. You definitely need to rest up big guy. Mom always had a rule for me when we did the rehab visits and aged care home - one week on - one week off.

  8. Oh dear BERT, we soo loved meeting you and your Vickie. DON't be too hard on yourself. We did not give you the most gracious greeting. Get lots of rest, you deserve it buddy.
    Till next time!
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  9. OMD BERT... we are THRILLED that you got to meet our WONDERFUL PUG Furends from Idaho... WE love them. We are REALLY GREEN with Jellyness over this. AND you and Goose BOTH were given stuffies by them?? HOW WONDERFUL THAT is !!
    You rest and relax fur a few days and all will be well.

  10. Oh your poor "back" cheeks on this red sliding thingy... I love the smile of the cute little pug - pugs are gorgeous - aren't they?

  11. Wow, how did you manage to get to the top of that slide, Bert? And even better, back down to the ground?

    Everyone is entitled to get a bit moody once in a while - and it sure sounds like you and your Vickie had quite the busy days. We hope you both get lots of R & R this week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. OMD, Bert, I is needing a nap just reading all of this. But you DID has fun times, no? I know, too much fun times be exhausting but they is still fun times.

  13. What a week! So cool that you met up with Gretel, Hazel and Bailey!
    Have a nice rest Bert. It's good to stop and charge up your batteries so you can GO GO GO!


  14. we were pretty jealous, well very jealous, well really really super jealous that the other pugs beside us here in iowa got to meet you bert, holey smokes you are one good looking TALL dude, we thinks that picture with hazel and you on their site was just you and ms. vickie get some much needed rest, and maybe someday you will travel on over to see us, it would be better than goin to disneyworld!!
    stella rose

  15. OMD Bert, you do need a rest, been really busy with all your furiends. Now take it easy so you and Goose can go and do sticks!

    The Mad Scots

  16. Bert! Yous is a real going concern! And then your haven is all noisy...yous needs a nice quiet stay-cation!
    And me is sending all my loves to my Allred!

  17. Things do sound a little complicated at your end, Bert. We hope you and your Vickie get plenty of rest. Were concerned about Allred, though... Is he OK?

  18. You best rest up! You have been a very busy guy and your not getting any younger( neither am I for that matter). What the heck is up with Allred? Hope he is OK.

  19. A dogs work is never done. It is fun getting to meet blogville friends. I love your grin why it just looks so silly, it makes me smile. Those kids in the reading program really need our hard work. Take it easy.
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. I'm sorry you got a bit worn out this week, Bert! I can see why; you have been one busy, hard-working pup! I hope you and your Vickie got lots of rest over the weekend :)

  21. O hai! Ask for tummy pats if u can. Tummy pats make eveeything better. :)

  22. Rest and relaxation for both of you! It is much deserved. And you cannot give to others if you are running on empty. Sending you calm relaxing positive thoughts.

  23. We definitely think that R&R would be good for you both!! LOVE all the pictures!! You two sure are busy!! Congratulations on your award...that is such a huge accomplishment and we are honored to know you!! Well Deserved!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  24. Wow, Bert. That's a lot to take in... reading it made me feel you got yourself into a very very busy schedule. What more if I experienced it myself... Good thing you got to play baseball with a colleague.

  25. Dear Bert & Miss Vickie, we read about your pawsome award on Goose's blog. You soo deserve the recognition for the wonderful work that you two do. We are so glad to have met you in the fur and person, and so proud that we can call you our friend.
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  26. OMD, I am worn slap out just reading about everything you have done! Go and rest! Sounds like you need it!! :o)


  27. Wow, that's a lot!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. Oh my, if you are admitting to you and Bert are tired, you must have *really* overdone it. I hope that things are calming down and that you are both recovering! Despite "overdoing it", your photos are FABulous!

  29. I can't believe how busy you are, Bert! You need to kick back, buddy! Get some rest. Put your feety-feet up.
    Beautiful photos!
    Play bows,

  30. Read about your honors on Goose's blog. Way to go, man. YOU ROCK and so does your Miss Vickie!!! We need more like you two on our planet.

  31. Hi there Bert, I love seeing what you've been up too. I hope you and Miss Vickie are getting lots of rest today. I think you have so many great friends; makes life so much more fun!
    Sending hugs and love to you and Miss Vickie today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  32. You sure are a buzy Pup, Bert you are so handsome, every time I see you I Sqeeeeeeel.. So great you saw the puggie's..xx0xx

  33. Dont worry Bert, everyone has their breaking point,

    awesome adventures as always!


  34. We know your mom didn't push you too hard... but let her know extra belly scratches wouldn't come as too much of a payment.

    You are really a very remarkable dog, Bert... and your Vickie is pretty much the top of the crop, too!! :) Many hugs to you both!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  35. I hope you got lots of rest and are feeling better Bert! Love the photos.