Sunday, June 2, 2013

"North" To Alaska

I can't believe it, but My Vickie
is leaving me.
She is going to see some
bloggy friends up in Alaska.
Alaska......How can she go
without me?    Seriously.
In order to "NOT FEEL GUILTY"
she gave me the most wonderful Saturday.
"Something to think of, while she is gone"
That's what she said.   Like that is gonna make
me feel better.   Alaska.  She is very excited.
 Well truth did make me feel a
little better.   It was such a beautiful Day
My Buddie Goose came with us and
so as soon as we stopped at out hiking point,
Michelle, me and Goose were off to
find WATER.
 My Vickie stayed behind and waited for some
others cause, besides giving me a great day,
she and Paulette were setting a SAR
test for Zoey and Brenda. 
My Vickie was the tester
and Miss Paulette
(Miss Sophie's and my buddy
Murphy's human) was the victim.  (The lost
person.   you know what I mean.)
While I was busy keeping Goose and Michelle
entertained down along the creek, 
Zoey and Brenda
set off to "Find" our lost person (Paulette)
She was given a square mile of mountainous
terrain to search in two hours time.
Todd, (Brenda's husband) waited and watched.
My Vickie climbed high up the hill
well, she drove to a better vantage
point then climbed
so she could observe Zoey working.
I headed up and joined My Vickie cause,
well, I like to keep an eye on her.
In the mean time, Miss Paulette was all
lost and afraid in the woods.  She kept hearing
this buzzing noise and finally found that
she was hidden right next to a
hummingbird nest.
It kept her entertained for about an hour.
Then she heard a big noise in the woods
and turned to see the shadow of "BIGFOOT"
She screamed in panic. 
"Bigfoot, what ever
shall I do?" 
It was pretty funny.
All the time they were working
hard looking for Paulette and
her Bigfoot (haha) I just enjoyed
the beautiful country side.  Oh
we love spring. 
 There were fields of this yellow
sunflower like plant. 
And I met a new friend up
on the mountain in a parking
area.  (Zoey's cousin)
She was really strong.

And now I am back home and My Vickie
is packing her bags to go to "ALASKA"
Judy and Whitney are staying with
me while she is gone, but I still
don't understand why she would
go without me.  Something
is wrong here, that is all I can say.


  1. Don't worry Bert. My MOM said that a couple of nights you are going to spend the night with me at my house. You will love it. half acre of green green grass to romp and plan in. It's not Alaska, but it's not to bad either. See ya Monday.

  2. She'll be back Bert so please don't you worry! You're gonna be hanging with Goose and will have the best time. In fact, we can't wait to read all about it.

    Beautiful and very happy pictures :) You and Goose are too cute for words....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Maybe Miss Vickie is going to take ALLRED with her. OR you could ACCIDENTLY HELP her TAKE ALLRED to Alaska.
    BUTT either way... you KNOW she will be back.. in like 87 hours. She couldn't stay away from you for very long beclaws she ♥s you so much.
    We hope she has a marvelous time!!

  4. What an exciting trip for Miss Vickie! And it sounds like you will get some sleep overs with Goose, that will be way fun. Tell your Vickie to have a great trip!!!!
    Love from your little buddies
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. Another fun day!! I envy your Mom going to Alaska, Bert. You know, we lived there for 10 years, and I know what an amazing place it is--She'll have a wonderful time, and I know she'll be missing you, and will probably bring you something fun from "The Last Frontier!!" You are also going to have a great time too--Just think of all the fun you'll have and the mischief you can cause! :-)

  6. Straight off, we'd like to say you should be going to Alaska! But, at least you had that wonderful day. Maybe your sitters will feel sorry and take you on some more adventures. You might even catch that Big Foot.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Oh, what a FABulous day Bert!! Almost (I say ALMOST) good enough to not miss your Vickie too much. Looks like a FABulous day outdoors, and WOWSA! A hummers nest?! Oh, yeah, they are sproutin' like weeds around here! We have our third one this year! Very excitin'!
    You tell your Vickie to have a safe and fun trip to Alaska, and to bring you back somethin' really special!!!

  8. We sure hope your Vickie has a wonderful trip, but we are sorry you can't go too. If you get too lonely, you can always come visit us:)

    What were you and your new pal tugging? She had the advantage because she was on all fours and was digging those paws in, so we say you were at least as strong if not stronger.

    Have a good week.

    Woos - Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. OUR Mom is abandoning US, too! Some silly thing about going to North Carolina to see her family (our Granny's birthday is the same day as Father's Day, so Mom says she is earning 'double daughter brownie points' - whatever THAT means). However, our Mom is only going for 5 days or so, and she promises to Skype with us every day, so I guess we won't be totally abandoned...

    Beautiful pictures, as always!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. Here's hoping your Vickie has a safe and wonderful journey.

  11. What a beautiful day you had. Your Vicki will be back before you know it. Sounds like you will be having fun with Goose while she is gone too.

    Millie & Walter

  12. What an awesome day you had Bert! Don't be too sad about your Vicki going to Alaska...maybe she will bring you some cool souvenirs? We know that you will have lots of fun with Goose!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  13. But where is the photo of Bigfoot? I think you will be just fine while Your Vickie is in the great state of Alaska. Now, that little gal you played tug with, she sure packs a load. Good thing you were laying down or she would have been spinning you around like a top.


  14. Hey Burt! I was watching a TV show about dogs and it had rescue dogs on it like you, I was hoping one would be you, but it wasn't... But I got to see them at work, you guys do great things!

  15. Bert mom is bestowing a great honor on you....not leaving you behind...but leaving you in charge!!!! You have to take care of home while she is away

  16. Bert buddy, my Momma also went to this Alaska place. I don't see what the big dealio is about going there, I am with you, HOME is much better. What an awesome outing you had on Saturday!

  17. What? You can't go along? I hope your Vickie has a wonderful time in Alaska!


  18. Bert you are going to have a great ole time sleeping over at Goose's house, you know you guys will have tons of fun, Ms. Vickie will miss you but you know she is going to have a grand time, and she will be home real soon.
    stella rose

  19. Alaska! That sounds like fun! But your Vickie will miss yous. And think of all the exciting stories she will tell yous when she gets home!

  20. OMD, I hope Miss Paulette didn't get eaten by Bigfoot!! I don't know WHAT Your Vickie is thinking of, going off to the wilds of Alaska without you. Who knows what could happen to her there?! Maybe you could stow away in her luggage?

  21. That does look like a great day, Bert! Especially that pawsome game of tug! I hope Your Vickie has a safe trip to Alaska and that she gets to see lots of cool stuff there! And I hope you will not be too sad while she is gone!

  22. Alaska???? I hope she doesn't get her nose rubbed off by the Eskimos. I mean as nice as she is they are gonna want to rub noses with her. She should take you with her to help with the nose distribution.

    But what a great day you had... Tell your mom to have a safe trip and come back with some Elk or Moose jerky for you. And her nose.. she needs to keep her nose, too!
    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  23. What a fabulous adventure you had Bert. I hope your Vickie is back soon. Maybe she could give all the nordic dogs in Alaska a big hug from me?

  24. Hi Bert, I'm sorry your Vickie is going on a trip without you, but I am excited for her. I wonder where in Alaska she'll be? I'll be up there at the end of July, for a cruise.
    Hope the time passes quickly.
    Noreen & Hunter

  25. We can't believe that you aren't going to Alaska too, Bert! This is so wrong!
    You and Zoey's cousin really had a great game of tug going there!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Wow, does that look like a wonderful day! And look at those gorgeous wildflowers!
    I hope your Vickie has fun - but I'm sorry you can't go with her. That's just no fair at all!

  27. It really was a pawsome day Bert but I know how much you'll be missing your Vickie...I bet she'll be missing you too

  28. O hai! That trip looks like a lot of fun. :)

  29. I hope that your Vickie has a great time. You don't want to face down a Grizzly Bear, do you, Bert? That's why she's leaving you home - I'm sure of it.

    Great, great photos. Blue sky, yellow flowers, and YOU!

  30. She made sure you had LOTS of beautiful things to think about while she was away...and we know she will hurry home to you and think of you every minute she is away. Love does not know the barriers of space or time.

  31. What beautiful photos and a gorgeous day! I am so looking forward to meeting your Vickie when she gets to Alaska...sure wish you could come too!