Friday, September 13, 2013

See Beautiful "Just Breathe"

 It has been a very busy busy
summer for Bert and I.  Between the
loss of loved ones, family illnesses,
working two full time jobs and still trying
to be sure that we keep up on our volunteer
work at the hospitals and such, it has felt
like we are on a spinning Ferris wheel,
and it is speeding up faster and faster.
 Finally one day this last week,
I could take it no more.  John and I headed
 up the mountains for a day of hiking, riding and
moose hunting.  I had really missed the moose
this year, I had missed the feel of the forest
breezes, the silent evenings, the gentle
saunter of the great giant of the mountains.
I am sorry to say that I left my buddy Bert
behind on this trip.  I tried to make it up to
him by taking him swimming the next day and
I think he has forgiven me.
John and I were so fortunate to find
five of our old friends before the evening
sunset started to spread across the sky.
They are starting to rub the itchy velvet
off their antlers and preparing for the
rut.   Still in a bit of a lazy summer mood
they allowed us to watch them from a
distance for hours.
 All of the pictures on this post were taken
by John.  I was so involved in watching
and sharing space with them, I rarely took
out my camera.  These great beasts
were allowing me to be a "Watcher".
I stood some 100 to 200 feet from them while
they swam, ate and even sparred with each other
until the sun started to sink behind the mountain.
John and I moved on, making our way
back to our vehicle as we thought we had
seen all we were going to see.
On the way back, we came across two huge
bulls that we hadn't seen before.  Both
walking around in a small pond nibbling off
water greenery.  They were magnificent.
I found myself almost in a trance as
I watched them peacefully enjoying their
evening.  The sunset sky was a brilliant
fluffy pink, the air was crisp with a chill
from the oncoming storm.
Lost for a time in this world of the giants,
I didn't realize that one of the big
moose was now leaving the pond.
I was focused on the beauty of the sky for a
moment, but then turned back to
see how "the boys" were doing.

Much to my surprise and shock one of
"The Boys" was approaching me.  He was
about 40 feet in front of me and still
ambling in, straight to me.
I wanted to be afraid as I looked into his
eyes, realizing I had placed myself in an
unprotected situation.   There was nothing to
hide behind, no trees, no boulders, just me,
in the middle of a big sage brush meadow.
As he continued to shorten the space
between us, 15 feet, 10 feet......
I realized in stead of being
afraid at that moment, I was actually
"Breathing"  "Just Breathing"
deep, long lung filling breaths.
Something I hadn't allowed myself
to do all summer long.
It was a "See Beautiful" moment.
I figured it was my last "See Beautiful" moment
and I stood in awe waiting for  the great animal
to tromp me to death.
Obviously he didn't, because I am here
now, writing this.   It was a truly
amazing moment as he walked up to
about 5 feet from me, then looking me
in the eye, he sidestepped me and casually
walked on by. 
And what did I do.
"Breathe, Just Breathe"
and thanked my Father in Heaven
for such a beautiful experience.
join me now as I celebrate this
"See Beautiful Friday"