Friday, July 11, 2014

See Beautiful Friday

My Vickie is working two full time jobs
right now and so she has little time
to get online.   But we cannot miss
"See Beautiful" Fridays.

Here are photos from some of our favorite
moments from the past thirty Days.
and the reason that we
"See Beautiful" Every Day

 Bert says good by and God Bless
to our soldiers.  Thank You
From the bottom of our hearts

 Our Mountains are still flush with
beautiful flowers and incredible smells.
New Life is everywhere
 Sun Shines making all things
more brilliant
 And of course, you know us
if there is a moose, we are gonna
stop and enjoy their majestic beauty
 Even their reflection in
one of the ponds delights us
Young bucks take advantage
of this time of peace for them.
 The world is plentiful right now.
Food Water Peace
 It wont always be this way
but for now we MUST