Friday, February 14, 2014

A See Beautiful Thank you

"See Beautiful" Friday is here again.  The chance for all of us to take a moment to reflect of all that is Beautiful around us.  Not that we shouldn't be doing it all the time, but a special time for us to bring it to the fore front.

 I got to spend the day in the mountains with my best friend Vickie and some of my other pals.  Ken, Tucker and Ty.  Miss Sophie and Miss Annie couldn't come cause they are having some sicknesses in their family.  We missed them so much but still had a great time.
 On our hike up into the mountains we got to go to a special place where 80 or so children were waiting excitedly for us.  We go up often to teach them how to stay safe in the mountains, or what to do if they get lost.
 I love to teach children.  I love children.  They are such a beautiful reminder of how life should be.  Simple, fun, and full of laughter.

It was a cold, wet hike up and back.  OF course the children make it all worth it, but when we were out in the cold making our way through the snow My Vickie and I were reminded of a lovely lady we met in the hospital a few weeks ago.  She was a patient there, we don't know why and we don't usually ask but we just enjoy getting to know them.

She was probably in her late 50's, very sweet, and oh so kind.  I was laying in bed with her and My Vickie and her were just talking about, well anything. 

In their conversation she told us that she was homeless and told us how she and another homeless person had to rescue a friend recently.  It seems (and as you all have probably experienced) that on one particular night it got so cold that when morning came, she heard another homeless person crying for help.

When she and her fellow campers got to this lady (the friend to the patient) they found that she had been stuck in her sleeping bag and couldn't get out.  The ground around her friend had frozen her inside her sleeping bag.  They had to go and get shovels and picks to get her out.

That experience touched My Vickie's heart.  We are so so lucky.  WE have a warm bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads.  It really doesn't matter that much that we have poor Internet reception.  When we wake up in the morning we don't have to be shoveled out of an icy bed, we know where our next meal is coming from, we are so blessed.

We know such wonderful and caring people too.  Like Goose and his mom who work and care for the homeless in our area.  What gentle hearts they have.  And how about Otto using his gotcha day as a way to make donations to the homeless.  And we could go on talking about all our blogville friends who help the needy and the homeless...both two and four footed.

You are truly our example of "See Beautiful" so thank you all so much for your examples.
So now I better head off to bed, as you can see, after we got back from off the cold wet mountain, I went to the school so the kids could read to me.  Only I couldn't stay awake long enough to hear anything they read.  But its alright.  They like to read to me when I am asleep too.

Thank you all my Beautiful Friends.