Friday, November 8, 2013

See Beautiful Friday "My Beautiful Boy"

We may not be able to post much any more but
when ever we can we make it a point to do
one on "See Beautiful" Friday.
It has been an amazing month for Bert and I
and through it all, I have thought to myself
"this is a see beautiful time for me"
I have thought much this month
of all the beautiful
four legged spirits that have graced my life.
How they have taught me loyalty, joy,
unconditional love, how to enjoy the moment
and tons of more life lessons.

 I never expected this tiny little Carmel colored
pup would open all the doors of learning
for me that he has, yet into my life
he came and off we went on a great adventure.

He has allowed me to continue to grow in so
many wonderful ways as we both
tried our hand/paws
at all kinds of paths in our efforts to live
a life worth living. 
 Never once ignoring the seriousness
of this existence, as well and most importantly
making sure we enjoy our time together too.
Laughter has been a mainstay for us.
This year Bert was honored by the Hospital.
All year long he was showered with
praise and love from hospital staff, he posed for
pictures in magazines and local papers and
pretty much treated like a King.
The final event was last week at a
Black Tie Dinner
and he was the guest of honor.  (I, of course, got
to come along as his ....... gosh, I don't know
exactly what my role is....maybe "Driver" or
"Guardian"  I am still not sure.
Now, they played a video that had been used
at the Utah Business Men's association and I
have copied part of it here for you to see,
but (and because I can) there have been a lot
of editing of myself OUT.
Be sure to stop the video after it is over
because it will go on and on cause I don't know
how to make it stop

Again, I am not sure why I was there as
he ate at everyone else's table.  Here he is with
one of his favorite ER nurses.  I went to get
him to bring him back to our table but they
begged me to leave him there. 
What was I to do.
Now back to the "See Beautiful"
about this boy.
He never let any of this go to his head.
When all the ta do was over, he quietly went
back to work helping little kids read.
And visiting with patients at the hospital.
I guess I am really just bragging.
But he is beautiful to me and
like I said earlier, he is a joy to be
with, he has brought so much excitement,
so may experiences, so many reasons
to smile and say.
This is a "See Beautiful" Life.
Thanks Bert, for helping me "See"
that every day.