Thursday, August 15, 2013

WE finally got out....

Hi everyone, My Vickie here.
It seems the only time I can
post is when I am at my mothers.
So I am taking advantage
of  this "While she is sleeping"
to let you know how we are doing.
We are still keeping up with everyone
from the computer at home, but our
Internet service is very slow
and making comments is an almost
impossible thing to do until after
midnight and as much as I love
you all, my bedtime is way before that.
I did finally get a chance to take Bert up
into our mountains last night and we had
a wonderful time. 
Of course there was swimming.  All the
swimming Bert could handle.  At least
until the moose moved in for a
late afternoon watering.  Then Bert
had to give up his swimming hole.

It may not appear so in the picture
above, but this was "one Huge Moose"
probably the biggest one I have seen
this summer and I have seen some big ones.
Even the guy in Alaska was not
as big as this one.  Even Bert was
watchful when this one came down
to our lake.   Normally Bert is
pretty un-aware of his surroundings
when he is swimming, but this
guy had us both a little on edge.

My boy showed his golden hue
just as the sun was going by.
And no, this is no where near the
quality of my friend KB's photos
 but it was fun to take.
As the sun disappeared over the mountain
Bert and I took one last look at our
giant, then headed back home. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

See Beautiful Friday

I LOVE "See Beautiful" Fridays
It is a day to celebrate life
and even though we try to do
that every day, "Life" often
gets in the way of our celebrating.
For weeks, maybe even months,
"Life" has gotten in our way
but I am not complaining because
today and look what I finally got
to go and do.
 Now Ain't that a beautiful sight.
Me and My Water
Back together again.
But on a more serious Note:
Meet Momma and her puppies.
We are fostering them right now
and they are a true example
of humans who "See Beautiful"
You see, Momma and her puppies
were set to be euthanized.   Why You Ask?
Because some human decided they
didn't want a pregnant dog nor
a bunch of puppies.
So they were taken to a High Kill
Shelter.   But somehow
and by some Beautiful Miracle
a rescue group called "Black Dog"
heard about them and came to
their aid.   They traveled about
1000 or more miles to get
then and bring them to Ogden.

And now until they all find homes
wonderful, loving, beautiful homes,
they will stay with us.
Momma took My Vickie's heart and
wrapped it around her beautiful eyes
and won her over.  Well all of us
are kind of smitten too.
And when you sit with this wonderful
girl and look into her eyes, even
with all the injustice you see and know
has happened to her, all you see is
My Vickie and I thank our Father in Heaven
every day, that we have found each other
and we wish the same gift for
Momma and her babbies.
Have a Beautiful Friday

Sunday, August 4, 2013

 Hey Everyone, I bet you thought I had died
or something.  Nope, I am still here.  My Vickie
writing this post and visiting as many of
my friends out there as she can, from her moms
computer.  Cause you know, we don't get much
juice out of our Internet.
 It has been so bloody hot here that this
is what I do all day long
every day while My Vickie works at the
kennel.  We can't go anywhere cause
we have to make sure everything works
right and nothing goes wrong for our guests.
I am bored out of my gourd.
Oh yes, I get to go swimming every
now and again but nothing like what my
pal Dougal is doing these days.
He has moved to the east coast
and they live pretty near to this
very cool pond.

 I am soooooo jealous.  WE miss him
a lot but we are happy that he is happy.
 Our mountains are beautiful (so I hear)
cause I dont' get to get out in them much
these days.  I guess you know my
little bro  KC died a few weeks ago
from a snake bite.  Now My Vickie
is so paranoid that she has been going
up in the hills without me.
We have a really cute little neighbor that
moved in to our trees.  John got this
cool picture.  Anybody out there who
knows their birds wanna tell me
what this is?
 My Vickie, her mom and Aunt, and John
went hiking up in the Alpine Meadows
this week.  It was incredibly beautiful...
(I am told)
 So another reason I am banned
from our mountains
is a certain kind of seed, or weed, or seed from
a weed......I don't know, but it is a nasty thing
and My Vickie was wondering if anyone
knows what kind of flower it comes from
so we could know what areas to stay out of
in August and September.
I don't have a picture of it but it is a
thin black needle like sticker.  about half
an inch long and it hurts like the dickens
if you get one in your foot.  And they
just appear on your coat out of no where
and they get between your toes
and like that nasty cheat grass, the make
their way up into your skin and "Boy
they hurt"  Anybody know
what I am talking about?
 This is my Buddy Wyatt.  He has
had a pretty rough start to his life.
He is only eleven months old and has
already lived in three different houses.
In one house, he was kept in a little
cage all the time.  That was for about
six months.  Anyway, long story short,
Wyatt came to live with My Vickie's mom
and they are both very happy. 
Well, this is what I wish I were doing
but for the time being.......
Take care my friends and think of
me now and again.  My Vickie is going
to be staying with her mom for a while
cause she is very sick, so she is going
to drop by and visit as many as she can
Miss you all