Friday, January 10, 2014

The heart of a child

It is See Beautiful Friday once again and we love it because it gives us a chance to share the beauties we see with all of our friends.  Today we are going to share a story of  a little child I got to visit last week at the hospital.

When we went in to the pediatrics ward there was quite a rucuss going on.  There was crying and screaming coming from one of the rooms and it was almost too much to bare.   Children should never have to hurt.  It aught to be a law.  (that should go for dogs too)  Well that should go for everyone if I had my way, but its just the when your little, you don't know that the doctors are trying to help you, all you know is that you are scared and that they
are hurting you.

We were asked to go into that room and see if I could help so I peeked my head around the door and there in a big bed was a tiny little girl with everyone standing around her, holding her down, trying to work on her hand.  And she was scared.  Even when she saw me, she only stopped crying a little bit.  MY Vickie told her I was here to be with her if she wanted me.  She said that the little girl could hold on to me while the doctors and nurses tried to help her hand.

She wanted me right up on the bed with her so I got up and carefully laid beside her.  AS soon as I was settled in, they started working again and the screaming and crying began again.  Our hearts were hurting with her and I lay as still as can be letting her grab me for support as they worked carefully on her hand. 

The whole thing took about 10 minutes.  10 minutes of crying and ear piercing screams, hands from everywhere reaching over me to work on my little friend.  I just lay there and only once did I lift my head to check out one of the nurses to be sure she was being
as careful as possible.

So heres the good part.   AFter it was all over (and we can't show you pictures because of the HIPPA laws) so just imagine.   This little child was so exhausted from all that had happened, that she cuddled into me (head to head) her long hair curled around my face and her sweet face laying next to the back of my head.  Then those sweet little blue eyes closed and
she fell asleep.

I was so still and did not move  at all so as not to disturb her after her lengthy experience with fear and pain.  We lay like that for more than 20 minutes with her occaisionally changing position and cuddling closer and closer to me.  She had her little arms around my head and her tiny face was at peace.  My Vickies heart will never be the same as she looked upon this beautiful scene.  And no matter what I do from this day on, I feel like I have done what I have been placed on this earth to do. 

Dont get me wrong, we still plan on many years of Therapy work.  IN fact
if your not boared from reading this long, let me tell you about our next project. 
This is me, My Miss Sophie and the lovely Annie.  We are at the Salt Lake International Airport where our new job of
volunteering will start soon.
Yep, they want us to come there and be "Stress Relief" dogs for all the flyers who may be stranded at the airport or waiting for another flight.  Just like I imagine is happening on the east coast because of the cold cold weather.  Doesn't that sound fun.  My Vickie is excited because she will get to meet and talk to people from all over the world and me, I'm excited because I can be petted and hugged by anyone who needs a little "Doggy Stress Relief" 

Well thanks for reading all this.  IT is like a months worth of Posts but as usual, we arent able to stay on line very long still before we freeze up.  It seems to happen the most when we are reading everyones posts.   

Have a wonderful New Year my friends.  WE love you all.
Bert and My Vickie