Monday, May 27, 2013

Bits and Peices

 So, I thought I was big, that is
until Rex came to stay with us for
a week.  They guy is a GIANT
I mean a Giant my friends
and he keeps grabbing me by
the back of my neck and shaking
me like I was a squeaky toy.
My Vickie says it is all
in fun, but jeepers,
if having a monster grab
a bunch of your hair and
muscle, then twisting it back
and forth is what she calls "FUN"
well I got news for her.......
 Allred and Josie have started
sleeping together.  It is like
having the devil and his minions
have joined together for some
evil purpose that we are
surely going to regret.
And yet, on the softer side
Allred still loves his Nellie
 Tanner is doing well.  He sleeps
a lot, but he doesn't appear to be
in any pain and often is quite playful
Trixie found a new forever home
and we miss her, but are so
happy for her.  She found a great
family with another dog named
Pepper.  They really love each other.
 I got to wear Pastor Michelle's
new Chef's hat.
Who do you think looks
better in the hat.
Or Pastor Michelle?
think carefully
 My Vickie's sister Debbie gave
her a fruit of the month membership
for Christmas this year.
May is strawberries and oh boy
were they big strawberries.
And boy oh boy were they good.
Scrappy, Willa and Molly
have taken over the lazy boy
 Cheyenne is always making
funny faces (for more check out
our facebook page)
 Dougal Makes a perfect
reflection as he runs through
the great Salt Lake.
(Ya gotta love this picture)
 Dougal also wanted to warn us
all the the rattlers are out again
and in huge numbers.
Be careful my friends
And a final bit and piece.
John took this picture of the
babies in his back yard
Now I know a lot of you don't
like magpies but ya gotta
admit, the babies are pretty
cute.   And yes they are a scavenger
bird and yes, the eat other little
birdies babies, but
we like them anyway.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 12 thru 18 2013

 I am ashamed to admit that I have 
pushed poor Bert too hard over the last
9 days.  There has been major
construction on our house which
has been very discomforting
for all the dogs, especially Mr. Bert. 
Then there were numerous
demonstrations to be done. 
Much more than we normally
do in a week.  The Therapy and the
School kids reading.
It was way too much pressure to
put on the boy.  He took it all so
well until last Friday
and then it just seemed to
reach a breaking point
for him.   Bad Human......
Bad My Vickie
 There were many highlights
in the week though, one of  the
best was Friday when we went
to Idaho Falls to do two demonstration.
On the way there we got to stop
in and meet our blogville friends.
WE met them at a park just off
the freeway and it was very exciting.
Bailey and I still have a few
things to work out, because.....well,
he's a guy and these were his
women and I was, well you know
the gorgeous and handsome
Man of the world. 
 The lovely Gretel quickly
won my heart with her sweet
and happy spirit.  She was lots of
fun and we even got a video
of her doing her obedience to show
you, but My Vickie says we need
to wait a few days before we
post it.  You'll love it.
 Hazel was the most patient
with me.  She even came up and
gave me a kiss, well
And then, even after I was a bit
moody with Bailey, Miss Linda, who is
by the way.....a great and fun human being,
gave me my own stuffy.  She actually had
two stuffies in the bag, one for me and
one for Goose, but I got to pick.
Hope you don't mind Goose, I picked
the lion.  You'll have to wait until Monday
to see who you got. It was a wonderful time.
After we left my friends from the Pug
ranch we continued on to Idaho Falls
where we met up with My Vickie's
sister Debbie and her hubby John.
Then we went to a  school full of
fun kids and did a demo and another
one later in the day.
 Back to earlier in the week.
I love my groomer and you may not
be able to tell but this is a smile I
have on my face and I save it just
for her.  I don't even smile for
My Vickie, just the groomer.
 More hospital visits and one final
visit to the kids at the school, I am
going to really miss our reading time.
But My Vickie says it will start
up again in just a few months
and we are very excited because
Miss Sugar has sent us some
books to share with the kids.  I
can't wait to let them read it too me.
If you want a good read you should
check this out Sugar's Furry Friend
More demo's too.  I especially
like it when we do them outside
in parks.  Here I am modeling
"How to stay warm and dry"
 Or here I am playing the Lake
and teaching the children how
to approach water when lost.
 But it wasn't all work,
Miss Sophie and I played a
game of softball while waiting
for the kids to arrive.
I missed this one, but I
tried really hard.
 Miss Sophie and Paulette played
the outfield.  She was pretty good.
There was a trip to the Lake
but I got into a little trouble
on that one.  check out Goose's Blog
to read about it.
 Allred is in one really
bad place and has been for
months, but we will write more
about that in a few days.
Anyway, My Vickie realizes she
has put too much pressure on
me over the last few weeks
and so this Saturday and Sunday
was all about me getting LOTS
and LOTS of rest.
So now I am off to bed again
but here are a few more pics
from the last few days that
we thought you might like.
 Here's my bud Dougal who
got to go to the Pineview lake this
week and, check this out
 He then got to turn around
and spend the day at the
Great Salt Lake.  Check out
all that salt.  Not a great lake
to drink the water in, but
still  a pretty fun lake to swim in.
You know, you can't sink in it.
 Bongo has been spending
some quality time with Kristi.
This week she and Kona got
to work on the treadmills.
They want to get fit and look great
for when someone is lucky enough
to adopt them.  Fingers Crossed everyone.
 Zero shows off his pearly whites.
And I experience the
"Big Red Slide"
Hopefully things will quiet
down a bit this coming week
for both of us.  I think My Vickie
is almost as tired and moody
as I have been.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Berts First week of May 2013

What a crazy busy week this has been for
Bert and I.  The repairs on the house had
the contractors men in and out all
day every day.

I was a nervous wreck worrying about
all the gates and doors being safely shut while
I was home and away.
At the same time we had demos and therapy
visits every day as well as the running
of the kennel on one of our busiest weeks
so far this year.

The kids at Horacemann elementary were
the perfect break for Bert during the stressful
time at home.  He just found
himself a spot among
the kids and politely listened as I droned on
and on.  Miss Sophie sat patiently as well
The fun time for Bert was when he got
to play a river or lake for a child to approach
without falling.  It is one of the safety
things we teach and it can be fun.
On Tuesday we met the cutest little
boy as we were heading into the hospital.
He grabbed on to Bert and hung to him
for ten minutes, sticking his finger in Berts
eye, up his nose and in his mouth.
I was amazed at Bert's patience.  Not once
did Bert show signs of stress or impatience.
He is a wonderfully loving dog. 
After visiting the patients in the
hospital, I caught this charming photo
of Whitney and Bert walking
back to the cars.  He loves her.
With workers still tearing our little
house apart in order to rebuild, we have
spent all of our time in the kitchen or outside.
There is no place to sleep or rest so
when we went to the School Thursday
so the kids could read to him, both
Bert and I passed out.
This didn't bother the kids at all, in fact
they love to get as close to
Bert as possible, as shown in the
photo above.  I think this is
one of my all time favorite pics.

Friday, May 10, 2013

See Beautiful Wildlife Joy

A few days ago John and Trigger
came across a fox den while working
in our Northern Utah Mountains.
The next day John found a good spot to
wait and was rewarded with what we consider
to be a Wonderful "See Beautiful" afternoon.
In the video below, there is no need to
add music or words.  Nature presented us with
the perfect background music and the most
charming little 7 week old fox pup.

There were eight pups in the litter and as
the sun warmed up the day they all came
out and ran and jumped, playing in
their little world, enjoying life as all
small children and animals can only do.
If you didn't get enough of the "joy"
here is another compilation of
Johns photos and videos of the little
pack of wild fun on four legs.
Have a "See Beautiful" Friday

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 1 thru 5 2013

 Even though we don't get
much of a chance to
comment on our friends blogs,
Allred still wanted
to be sure that I sent
Miss Nellie this message.
"I still love ya girl......
 OK, now that that is done, here is
how my week went.
My Vickie and I met the most wonderful
woman at the hospital this week.  She was
in the ICU and we don't know exactly what
had happened but she was in pretty
bad shape.  She was so sad too
and she was having a really hard
time because she couldn't talk or move.
But when I walked by her
room and looked in, you could just see
her face light up, so My Vickie and I
went in to visit.  She was in a special chair
so I got up on her bed so I could lay
my head next to her hands.  She couldn't
move her hands more than a few inches
because they had restraints on her and
you could tell she was very frustrated and
very scared.
Well, I just cuddled up to her
and laid my head under her hand
so she could feel my soft coat.
My Vickie and her spent the next
half hour smiling and laughing
as they made up a new language for
her to speak (well not speak, but
communicate)  By the time
we left, she was feeling happy and
smiling.  It was a very good
experience for My Vickie
as she got a better understanding
of how I feel when I try and tell her
There are lots of different ways
to share your feelings other
than by words.  Humans can
learn a lot from us dogs in that regard.
It is almost time for
school to get out for the
summer.  We only have three
more visits before all the
kids get to have vacation.
I am pretty sure My Vickie will
miss our times with the kids.
I know I will.
It will make summer seem
awfully long, except My Vickie
says that lots of the kids want
to come and take me for walks,
so I think I'll make it. 
 Our Friend Caren Quast sent
us some pictures from her new
house down in New Mexico.
She has the funnest guests come
play.  Like these two Javelina's.
Well we had never heard of Javelina's
before but now we know all about
them and they are cool.
(Nope, they are not wild boars)
The two birds are a quail up in
the top left side and a roufous-sided
Towhee on the bottom right.
Thanks Caren for Sharen.
(he he, I made a rhyme)
 And check out Oak Creek
 I just love water.
 We met up with our friends
on Saturday for our walk
and My Vickie set up a Pre-Test
for the search dog team of
Zoie and Brenda.
(Special thanks to the greatest
victim in the world.  Goose and his
human Michelle)
And Dougal got to go
on a weekend trip to areas
around the Great Salt Lake.
We thought that those of you
who are not from Utah might
enjoy seeing some of the variety
of terrain in Utah.
Of course you always see my mountains
and my moose and my rivers
and streams.  But if you want
to see another side of Utah,
check out Dougals flicker site
below.  It is amazing the difference.
 And for even more of a different
side of our wonderful state
I pulled up one of Shyla and KB's
post from a camping trip they
took last month.
Night all

Friday, May 3, 2013


Since we are not able to stay online much,
I just wanted to give you a a
HUGE Thank You for your
help yesterday.
We passed all your ideas along t
the lady who is looking for a way
to get the special needs puppy
to her and she was very greatful.
We will keep you posted
on the situation.
We l.ove you all
Bert and My Vickie

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

need your help

Hi My Friends.  I know you dont hear
much from me as of late
but I need a little help and I am pretty sure you guys will have the answer.
A friend of ours wants to adopt a
special needs pup that is now
living in Hanksville Alabama at a rescue.
Because of its special needs,
there is no way it can fly in the
cargo area..
If anyone knows of a way for us to
transport this pup other than
by a major airline, could you please
let My Vickie know.
Happy Wordless Wednesday to you all.