Friday, December 13, 2013

"See Beautiful Friday" The Love Story of our times.....

While it is true, Bert has not been able to post very much recently but we alway make an extra effort to at least post on "See Beautiful" Friday.  How can any of us not acknowledge the beauty around them at least once a month. 

So today I am here to tell you of a beautiful Love Story. 

Since the day Miss Sophie met Bert (at about 10 weeks of age) she has been totally and completely in love with him. 

Her body lights up whenever she sees him.  Her spirit dances and her happiness is overwhelming.   Yes, for her it is true true love.

Bert on the other hand, well, I dont know.  I can't quite figure out if he loves her back or if he has decided he must live with it. 

For those of us who watch this budding relationship, we see Joy, Happiness, Fun, Crazy, Wild uncontrolled Beauty.

And that is the "See Beautiful" Video I want to share with you now.  Youtube