Friday, December 13, 2013

"See Beautiful Friday" The Love Story of our times.....

While it is true, Bert has not been able to post very much recently but we alway make an extra effort to at least post on "See Beautiful" Friday.  How can any of us not acknowledge the beauty around them at least once a month. 

So today I am here to tell you of a beautiful Love Story. 

Since the day Miss Sophie met Bert (at about 10 weeks of age) she has been totally and completely in love with him. 

Her body lights up whenever she sees him.  Her spirit dances and her happiness is overwhelming.   Yes, for her it is true true love.

Bert on the other hand, well, I dont know.  I can't quite figure out if he loves her back or if he has decided he must live with it. 

For those of us who watch this budding relationship, we see Joy, Happiness, Fun, Crazy, Wild uncontrolled Beauty.

And that is the "See Beautiful" Video I want to share with you now.  Youtube

Friday, November 8, 2013

See Beautiful Friday "My Beautiful Boy"

We may not be able to post much any more but
when ever we can we make it a point to do
one on "See Beautiful" Friday.
It has been an amazing month for Bert and I
and through it all, I have thought to myself
"this is a see beautiful time for me"
I have thought much this month
of all the beautiful
four legged spirits that have graced my life.
How they have taught me loyalty, joy,
unconditional love, how to enjoy the moment
and tons of more life lessons.

 I never expected this tiny little Carmel colored
pup would open all the doors of learning
for me that he has, yet into my life
he came and off we went on a great adventure.

He has allowed me to continue to grow in so
many wonderful ways as we both
tried our hand/paws
at all kinds of paths in our efforts to live
a life worth living. 
 Never once ignoring the seriousness
of this existence, as well and most importantly
making sure we enjoy our time together too.
Laughter has been a mainstay for us.
This year Bert was honored by the Hospital.
All year long he was showered with
praise and love from hospital staff, he posed for
pictures in magazines and local papers and
pretty much treated like a King.
The final event was last week at a
Black Tie Dinner
and he was the guest of honor.  (I, of course, got
to come along as his ....... gosh, I don't know
exactly what my role is....maybe "Driver" or
"Guardian"  I am still not sure.
Now, they played a video that had been used
at the Utah Business Men's association and I
have copied part of it here for you to see,
but (and because I can) there have been a lot
of editing of myself OUT.
Be sure to stop the video after it is over
because it will go on and on cause I don't know
how to make it stop

Again, I am not sure why I was there as
he ate at everyone else's table.  Here he is with
one of his favorite ER nurses.  I went to get
him to bring him back to our table but they
begged me to leave him there. 
What was I to do.
Now back to the "See Beautiful"
about this boy.
He never let any of this go to his head.
When all the ta do was over, he quietly went
back to work helping little kids read.
And visiting with patients at the hospital.
I guess I am really just bragging.
But he is beautiful to me and
like I said earlier, he is a joy to be
with, he has brought so much excitement,
so may experiences, so many reasons
to smile and say.
This is a "See Beautiful" Life.
Thanks Bert, for helping me "See"
that every day.

Friday, October 11, 2013

See Beautiful Friday/A letter about Bert

 You know, sometimes I look at Bert's
face and wonder.  "What Was I thinking"
But those thoughts are fleeting.
They come with a smile and a knowledge
that having him in my life has
been an adventure in living every day.
I'll try to tell you all this story without breaking
any of the HIPAA rules of disclosure.
Bert and I arrived at A Hospital for our
weekly visits.  We were greeted by staff
who informed us that there had been a shooting
involving gang members and that
there would be police throughout the hospital
intermixed with many many gang members.
We were told that if we were uncomfortable
with all of this that there would be no problem
if we went home and came again on another day.
Well Bert had no problem with it.  So off we went.
In truth the halls of the hospital were lined
with police and extra security.  There was concern
that if the person who got shot were to
die, that there may be some trouble.
Bert and I along with our Pet Partner Louise started
heading down the halls.  At the end of one of the
halls was a big conference room and as we
walked by it, Bert steered us into the room.
At first I was a little startled and maybe a
tiny bit concerned as I found myself in
the middle of a room full of gang members
and their families.  Big men in hoodies
with sullen faces lined the walls of the room.
It was silent and most eyes turned to look
steadily at these intruders.  Bert was unconcerned
as he made his way over to a group of women.
He sidled up to one of the women and bent his
head under her hand.  Louise and I stood there
not knowing what to do or say when finally
the woman reached down and grabbed Bert
around his neck and held him to her close.
Crying she held tightly to Bert for a while.
Then looked up at me and said that it
was wonderful that Bert was there.
(We later found that she was the mother
of the person who had been shot)
Bert then said a prayer for them which they asked 
to do twice and while I was saying goodbye
Bert left my side and made his way over
to a man who had been sitting
silently across from the woman.
He had his elbows on his knees and
his hands clasped together and was
very clearly "the Man"  
His head was down and you could
barely see his face under the hooded sweater
that was hanging loosely from him.
Bert went over to this man, slipped under
his hands between his legs and sat up
forcing his hands apart slightly.  I held my breath
because I knew in my heart that this
was a man who had spent his life
as a leader and was respected and feared
by his people because he never showed
emotion or let anything penetrate his public
persona.  And Yet this dog was
reaching into his inner space and demanding
something from him.
Everyone was still as they waited.
I feared for Bert's safety but felt compelled
to let this play out. 
After a moment this big man who
lived the kind of life I will never understand
softened his grip and began to gently caress
Bert's neck, then finally reaching down
with his head he hugged Bert and held
onto him as the mother did moments before.
"See Beautiful" came into my mind
in a huge banner across my heart. 
Hearts can be made tender even
when anger has built up so much
that it is about to explode. 
Yes, I sometimes wondered
"What have I done" when I brought
Bert home, but I can tell you now
that I was blessed beyond measure
the day he came into my life.
And he has allowed me to be a part
of his magic ever since.
The man who was shot has died and since that day
there have been several other shootings.
There is unrest in the city near where I live
there is anger and pain that will continue.
But for that short time, myself, Louise, a mother,
a gang leader and 60 other members all felt
the Tender moments brought about
by the spirit of a pure being that was placed
in my care five years ago.
Thank You Bert for allowing me
to experience Beauty with you.
Your Greatest Admirer
My Vickie

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What has Bert been up to

Photo by John (this is the same guy as in the video below)

HI everyone, we know it has been ages since we have
posted.  It has been one of those summers.
Along with our SSLLOOOOWWW Internet service
we have had a super busy busy summer.
When we try to take the time to catch up with all
that is going on in your lives, we only last about
10 minutes on the computer before we start to
fall asleep.  (not because we are not interested, it
is because we are so tired at the end of our day)
All of a sudden we found that it was fall
So what has kept us busy all summer?  Well
of course work.  Canine Country Club
has been as busy as ever and we have been
entertaining guests all summer.
Bert has been very busy with his therapy work
and we are finding it difficult to keep up
with my working two jobs and his time at the
hospitals.  Bert is now visiting our local
hospital and also Primary Children's Hospital.
It is such a treat, but because of the HIPAA
laws, we are unable to share any of the
incredibly precious and special experiences
that we get to have but we can tell you
that we sure miss having Gooses' Human
Michelle come with us.  With her new
job she had to give up our time with her
and we really feel a loss.
But we can tell you about an experience we
had yesterday while hiking in the woods.
We were just hiking along minding our own
business when we found ourselves witness
to a wildlife experience of a life time.
Now some may consider this video
a little on the "Adult Only" side
but other than being scary and amazing
at the same time it was one of those
"Memories" we will always be grateful for.
Hope you enjoy.  (PS, sorry about the
running commentary I tend to talk to Bert
when we are nervous.  FYI there were five
bulls and two cows and we were surrounded)

Friday, September 13, 2013

See Beautiful "Just Breathe"

 It has been a very busy busy
summer for Bert and I.  Between the
loss of loved ones, family illnesses,
working two full time jobs and still trying
to be sure that we keep up on our volunteer
work at the hospitals and such, it has felt
like we are on a spinning Ferris wheel,
and it is speeding up faster and faster.
 Finally one day this last week,
I could take it no more.  John and I headed
 up the mountains for a day of hiking, riding and
moose hunting.  I had really missed the moose
this year, I had missed the feel of the forest
breezes, the silent evenings, the gentle
saunter of the great giant of the mountains.
I am sorry to say that I left my buddy Bert
behind on this trip.  I tried to make it up to
him by taking him swimming the next day and
I think he has forgiven me.
John and I were so fortunate to find
five of our old friends before the evening
sunset started to spread across the sky.
They are starting to rub the itchy velvet
off their antlers and preparing for the
rut.   Still in a bit of a lazy summer mood
they allowed us to watch them from a
distance for hours.
 All of the pictures on this post were taken
by John.  I was so involved in watching
and sharing space with them, I rarely took
out my camera.  These great beasts
were allowing me to be a "Watcher".
I stood some 100 to 200 feet from them while
they swam, ate and even sparred with each other
until the sun started to sink behind the mountain.
John and I moved on, making our way
back to our vehicle as we thought we had
seen all we were going to see.
On the way back, we came across two huge
bulls that we hadn't seen before.  Both
walking around in a small pond nibbling off
water greenery.  They were magnificent.
I found myself almost in a trance as
I watched them peacefully enjoying their
evening.  The sunset sky was a brilliant
fluffy pink, the air was crisp with a chill
from the oncoming storm.
Lost for a time in this world of the giants,
I didn't realize that one of the big
moose was now leaving the pond.
I was focused on the beauty of the sky for a
moment, but then turned back to
see how "the boys" were doing.

Much to my surprise and shock one of
"The Boys" was approaching me.  He was
about 40 feet in front of me and still
ambling in, straight to me.
I wanted to be afraid as I looked into his
eyes, realizing I had placed myself in an
unprotected situation.   There was nothing to
hide behind, no trees, no boulders, just me,
in the middle of a big sage brush meadow.
As he continued to shorten the space
between us, 15 feet, 10 feet......
I realized in stead of being
afraid at that moment, I was actually
"Breathing"  "Just Breathing"
deep, long lung filling breaths.
Something I hadn't allowed myself
to do all summer long.
It was a "See Beautiful" moment.
I figured it was my last "See Beautiful" moment
and I stood in awe waiting for  the great animal
to tromp me to death.
Obviously he didn't, because I am here
now, writing this.   It was a truly
amazing moment as he walked up to
about 5 feet from me, then looking me
in the eye, he sidestepped me and casually
walked on by. 
And what did I do.
"Breathe, Just Breathe"
and thanked my Father in Heaven
for such a beautiful experience.
join me now as I celebrate this
"See Beautiful Friday" 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WE finally got out....

Hi everyone, My Vickie here.
It seems the only time I can
post is when I am at my mothers.
So I am taking advantage
of  this "While she is sleeping"
to let you know how we are doing.
We are still keeping up with everyone
from the computer at home, but our
Internet service is very slow
and making comments is an almost
impossible thing to do until after
midnight and as much as I love
you all, my bedtime is way before that.
I did finally get a chance to take Bert up
into our mountains last night and we had
a wonderful time. 
Of course there was swimming.  All the
swimming Bert could handle.  At least
until the moose moved in for a
late afternoon watering.  Then Bert
had to give up his swimming hole.

It may not appear so in the picture
above, but this was "one Huge Moose"
probably the biggest one I have seen
this summer and I have seen some big ones.
Even the guy in Alaska was not
as big as this one.  Even Bert was
watchful when this one came down
to our lake.   Normally Bert is
pretty un-aware of his surroundings
when he is swimming, but this
guy had us both a little on edge.

My boy showed his golden hue
just as the sun was going by.
And no, this is no where near the
quality of my friend KB's photos
 but it was fun to take.
As the sun disappeared over the mountain
Bert and I took one last look at our
giant, then headed back home. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

See Beautiful Friday

I LOVE "See Beautiful" Fridays
It is a day to celebrate life
and even though we try to do
that every day, "Life" often
gets in the way of our celebrating.
For weeks, maybe even months,
"Life" has gotten in our way
but I am not complaining because
today and look what I finally got
to go and do.
 Now Ain't that a beautiful sight.
Me and My Water
Back together again.
But on a more serious Note:
Meet Momma and her puppies.
We are fostering them right now
and they are a true example
of humans who "See Beautiful"
You see, Momma and her puppies
were set to be euthanized.   Why You Ask?
Because some human decided they
didn't want a pregnant dog nor
a bunch of puppies.
So they were taken to a High Kill
Shelter.   But somehow
and by some Beautiful Miracle
a rescue group called "Black Dog"
heard about them and came to
their aid.   They traveled about
1000 or more miles to get
then and bring them to Ogden.

And now until they all find homes
wonderful, loving, beautiful homes,
they will stay with us.
Momma took My Vickie's heart and
wrapped it around her beautiful eyes
and won her over.  Well all of us
are kind of smitten too.
And when you sit with this wonderful
girl and look into her eyes, even
with all the injustice you see and know
has happened to her, all you see is
My Vickie and I thank our Father in Heaven
every day, that we have found each other
and we wish the same gift for
Momma and her babbies.
Have a Beautiful Friday

Sunday, August 4, 2013

 Hey Everyone, I bet you thought I had died
or something.  Nope, I am still here.  My Vickie
writing this post and visiting as many of
my friends out there as she can, from her moms
computer.  Cause you know, we don't get much
juice out of our Internet.
 It has been so bloody hot here that this
is what I do all day long
every day while My Vickie works at the
kennel.  We can't go anywhere cause
we have to make sure everything works
right and nothing goes wrong for our guests.
I am bored out of my gourd.
Oh yes, I get to go swimming every
now and again but nothing like what my
pal Dougal is doing these days.
He has moved to the east coast
and they live pretty near to this
very cool pond.

 I am soooooo jealous.  WE miss him
a lot but we are happy that he is happy.
 Our mountains are beautiful (so I hear)
cause I dont' get to get out in them much
these days.  I guess you know my
little bro  KC died a few weeks ago
from a snake bite.  Now My Vickie
is so paranoid that she has been going
up in the hills without me.
We have a really cute little neighbor that
moved in to our trees.  John got this
cool picture.  Anybody out there who
knows their birds wanna tell me
what this is?
 My Vickie, her mom and Aunt, and John
went hiking up in the Alpine Meadows
this week.  It was incredibly beautiful...
(I am told)
 So another reason I am banned
from our mountains
is a certain kind of seed, or weed, or seed from
a weed......I don't know, but it is a nasty thing
and My Vickie was wondering if anyone
knows what kind of flower it comes from
so we could know what areas to stay out of
in August and September.
I don't have a picture of it but it is a
thin black needle like sticker.  about half
an inch long and it hurts like the dickens
if you get one in your foot.  And they
just appear on your coat out of no where
and they get between your toes
and like that nasty cheat grass, the make
their way up into your skin and "Boy
they hurt"  Anybody know
what I am talking about?
 This is my Buddy Wyatt.  He has
had a pretty rough start to his life.
He is only eleven months old and has
already lived in three different houses.
In one house, he was kept in a little
cage all the time.  That was for about
six months.  Anyway, long story short,
Wyatt came to live with My Vickie's mom
and they are both very happy. 
Well, this is what I wish I were doing
but for the time being.......
Take care my friends and think of
me now and again.  My Vickie is going
to be staying with her mom for a while
cause she is very sick, so she is going
to drop by and visit as many as she can
Miss you all