Friday, June 13, 2014

Oh So Late "See Beautiful" Friday

Well, this dear computer was being repaired
all night last night so we didn't get a chance until
now to do our monthly post.

"See Beautiful" Friday is our chance to share all
that is beautiful in our lives.  We love being able to
share with our friends all the blessings
we have and are thankful for.

So lets get started.

Me and my beautiful girls Annie and
Miss Sophie at the airport
 This little red head was on her way back home.
A big cuddly dog
like me is the perfect antidote to traveling across
country when you are so little.
 She was very intent on getting a kiss from me.
 Heading off to see family in another country,
this tired traveler almost fell asleep in my fur.
 So long travelers, I have had quite a week and 
now My Vickie has promised me some hiking
and wildflower hunting.
 Up in our mountains we have huge fields
of wild poppies, some that are bigger than my head.
Oh So Beautiful.
 With a final romp through the poppies fields,
we headed back home and prepared to go for
a ride the next day after work to another
favorite hiking area.

 More beautiful Wildflowers everywhere we turned
 And, of course Moose....Moose and more Moose
 A young buck in a field of flowers paused to give us a
curious look.
 This is right by our campsite.  It just keeps getting better.
 And Better.  It was almost dark when we saw the twins.
They are so cute when they run leaping through
the forest.  We were careful not to startle or scare them
so they wouldn't run in fear and hurt themselves.
 Back home we wanted to show you
the walkway to part of our guest rooms at
the Kennel.  We love it in the summer
when it is so green.
 As a little girl, My Vickie says she made
Hollyhock Dolls from flowers like these.
We have them all over the kennel and these plants
are actually 10 to 12 feet tall.  It is one of her
favorite flowers.

And finally a Not So Beautiful picture of Allred
just to let you all know he is alive and well.

We send our love to all of you
and want you to know, we are still alive
and checking in on you and that your
friendships are so important to us.

We love blogville and hope to someday get
back to being more active.  Have a beautiful
week and be sure to 
"See Beautiful" in all that you do.