Friday, March 29, 2013

As promised

Hi everyone.  Two things to say
Well, Three Things to say.
No wait, maybe just two.
Oh, lets just see.
First.....We are going to a new
Internet service soon.....if we
can get it in our area,
That is so exciting for us because
it promised faster Internet service.
Dial up is just a think of the past.....
WE promised to tell you more
about the cool vests that we tried on
last week.  So here is a link to
and it will tell you more about them. 
Plus there is a cool give-away prize.
Well, I forgot number three
I mean, My Vickie forgot what
number three was. 
Anyway, hopefully we will
soon be able to get back up to speed
and read and comment on your
blogs, before you forget who we are.
Oh Man, My Vickie....
What was number three?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A little fun about Bert

Bert got his picture in the Paper
check out the link below
if you get a moment.


 Hope you could download the article
Bert just loves the kids and I think he
is really enjoying the reading.
He especially enjoys the cuddles
each child gives him during and
after each session
FYI:  We are reading everyones
blog posts but it takes about
five minutes to download
the comment pages.
We don't know what is wrong
but just know, we are keeping up
Bert and My Vickie

Oh Yes.  One more thing.  Thanks
to all of you who responded
to World Guys Dog "Nice"
and their financial needs due
to Nice's degenerative knee disease.

The surgery was successful and
in a few months the two
will be able to continue on their
Nationwide Diabetes Awareness Walk.

Get to know them at
World Guy and Nice

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today was Perfect
Perfect in so many ways
For instance:
My Vickie learned today a
friends mother had passed away.
As she headed to the car
and got in, she noticed
something on the dash.
 The "Perfect" Cupcake
Gooses mom had left it for her
as a surprise and it couldn't have
come at a better time.
 Chocolate Cake
mint filling inside the cupcake
with a hard chocolate top
with more mint filling.
I heard her arteries screaming
but there was a smile on
her face when she ate it.
 I found the "Perfect" look
for me.  A nice red cap.
I had to take it off Pastor
Michelle's head, but
I think it looks better on me.
What do you think?
I mean, she looks OK
but I think I look better.
 And then when we was doing our
daily walk through at My Vickies
second job.  I found the "Perfect"
toy.  A purple pig.  "Perfect"
 Now you may think the above
"Perfect" is about Goose, who is
the "Perfect" friend, but it is also
about the picture in the background
of our mountain goats on the
top of the mountain on a
beautiful day.
 For sweet Tanner who
is three days out from some
pretty hairy surgery
"Perfection" is a comfy bed
and My Vickies woolen robe
as a blanket.
 Today while the kids were
practicing their reading with me
at the school, this one
little fella held my paw in
his hand all the time he read.
"Perfection" again.  There is nothing
in the world that us dogs
want more than the loving
touch of a human.
And finally, as you can
see it was the "Perfect" blue
sky, dark and warm, bearing the
hope of warmer days to come.
Today was truly

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today I got to go and see
some of my and My Vickie's
friends up in the little town
of Heber Utah.
 I have missed them so much
so it was great fun to go and spend the
day with them.  I was able to
run free on the ranch the whole day
except when they went to see
the baby foals.  Now I am not afraid of
horses at all, but they were afraid I might
make the babies nervous.
I didnt' mind.  I spent the time
with Erianne. 
This baby is about three weeks
old and My Vickie fell in love.
I thought we were going to have
to bring her home with us.
A new baby is expected soon
and we are hoping to be up there
shortly after.  The momma horse
was incredibly loving and sweet.
My Vickie really misses having horses
but we turned the pasture
into a play area for the pups that
come and stay with us so
horses are a thing of the past.
The family live at the base of
one of our favorite mountain ranges
That is Timpanogos in the back ground
boy wouldn't you love to wake up
to that view every morning.
Here I am getting to know momma horse.
She sniffs butts just like us dogs do
when we greet.  IT made me a little bit
nervous though.  I mean, look at her
if she decided to give me a love nip
she could break me in half.
My Vickie got bit in the butt once by a
horse.  It wasn't a pretty sight.
WE got on a four wheeler
machine and road around the ranch.
Did you know, if My Vickie
should die, I get to come and live
here.  Yep, I could be a ranch dog
how cool would that be.
(But that isn't going to happen)
Goose and I have been modeling
a new kind of vest that is going
to be a new sensation.  It is made especially
for dogs to help with muscle and health
issues and a lot of other things.
I am not completely sure what
it all does, but My Vickie is going
to find more out about it
and let you all know.
So it has been a long couple
of days so I am off to sleep
Tomorrow I get to go visit my
friend Ryan who is in the
hospital.  I'll let him know
how all of you are wishing him
well.  Have a happy
and beautiful Sunday my friends

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The joy of children

 I love kids.  Just love them.
And this week I have been
blessed to be with Many Children
 It makes me jump for joy. 
This week I visited my new
friend who is staying at the Hospital
after being burned over 33 percent of his
little body.  He had been told I was coming
so when I got there he greeted me with
his first smile of the day.
He has a long recoup period
so if you are prayin folks,
would you send a prayer up
for my Boy Ryan.
 We also got to hike up to
my favorite place in the world
to do demonstrations.
It is a place where school kids
get to go to spend the day
learning about the wilderness.
I come up and teach them how to stay
Safe if they are in the wilderness.
 Miss Sophie came with me this
time and we had about 150
kids to play with for the day.
Now how cool is that?
 Some of the best times we have
on these demos is the hike up to where
we do the demo and the hike back
down after we are through
I was excited to show Miss Sophie
all the fun we can have when she
comes with me. 
Today I went and played with more
kids and adults at the hospital
and now, I am very tired 
 My buddy Goose gave me this
cool stuffed doggy (this is his head)
and I now have a great place
to lay my head at the end of a big
fun week.
So below, for those of you whol like to
watch video's is a short film
on Sophie and my trip hiking
up to the Center where the kids are
and playing our way back home.
Plus a bunch of kids.
I love kids.
Click here for faster download.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feel Good Friday

It is Feel Good Sunday
for us.  And after a great
day like yesterday, then to
have a beautiful blue sky could you ask for more

We hope you enjoy the video
and if you'll note, even our
little buddy Tanner, (our foster child)
came out and wandered around
with all of us.
Allred just had to get himself in this post
We took him to the doctor after
his jaunt in the sun and we will
tell you about that on our next post.
Willa and Josie are getting to be friends
Have an Awesome day my friends
It is Sunday....A day for love and
worship and sharing. 
What do you do on Sunday. 
(We are going to the big
hospital in Salt Lake
to visit a little boy in the burn unit
from our class of students that I
go to, where they read to me.
I am so lucky

Friday, March 8, 2013

See Beautiful Friday

See Beautiful is a once a month Blog Hop,
every 2nd Friday of the month.
Simply create a blog post
that made your day,
week, and/or month …
inspiring you in Seeing Beauty.
Blog Hop inspired by
Our See Beautiful Friday is a focus
on our Sweet Bessie, a foster sister
to the famous James Dean
Bessie, came to their family
after facing "the last days"
Her previous family no
longer wanted her and had turned
her over to the shelter for euthanize.
 She could barely walk
 as her legs and feet
are so deformed and arthritic.
With lots of love, some incredible
veterinary care and a fuller lifestyle
Miss Bessie is moving around on her
little crippled legs with much less pain
and more joy than she has known
for years.  Seeing her sweet spirit
enjoying her last years in more
happiness than she has ever known
is a "See Beautiful" moment
for us 6 days a week.
Those little crooked legs,
that one blue eye,
the chubby little basset body.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Things

Apparently changing my blog name
has not helped with our ending up in Spam.
So I guess we are just gonna have
to be the "Nasty" blog.
But we hope you will still
check your spam for comments.
We just couldn't help ourselves
at work today.  When My
Vickie was shopping
last week, she saw this headgear
that screamed out
So she bought it and
today we made Goose Wear it.
Check this out for a Grin time.

Pretty Funny, isn't he.
And Third:
We have been following
the coolest Guy and his dog
named Nice, as they walk
across the country
to bring attention
to the fight against diabetes.
Nice is in trouble and they
can use our help.
Check out their blog if you
get a minute.  Be sure to
read the side bar to
get a better idea of his efforts
in awareness.

World Guy and Nice
From here, I leave it to you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hey Everyone, so glad you found me. 
This will be my first post on the new site. 
If you came over from
you know that I had to start a new
blog because Blogger thinks "Fourleggedviews"
sounds like a porn site.
Can you believe it.   Me... Bert.... Porn.
IT took a while but thanks to Allreds love
Miss Nellie, we figured out why
we end up in so many Spam folders.

Next picture is Abby.  My Vickie found
her running up the freeway in rush hour
traffic.  IT took some doing but with the
help of the highway patrol My Vickie
roped her like a run-a-way calf,
brought her home
and she has been ruling the roost ever since.
 Believe it or not, besides Allred, we have
a little kitty who also learned how to use the
doggy door and moved into our attic.
She never comes down and this was
one of few sightings.
 Of course we have Willa (little one on the left)
she was found by Goose's mom, locked
in a crate sitting out in the hot sun in front of
our place.   With out Michelle noticing her
she might have died from exposure.
And Scrappy, my best buddy, also found
wandering the streets
There is little Taz. (short for Tazmanian
devil) (and with good reason) 
who visits us a few times a week
Sure is a cute sleeper isn't he.
 Trever came to stay with us
while his human gets better after
she broke her femur and was hospitalized
for a really long time.
Trever is very old, has trouble holding
his plumbing but, we have a tile floor
so we mop a lot now.
 Of course you all know my buddy
Goose  who is like the coolest buddy
ever, well except for Murphy.  They both
are like my best ever friends.
This is Carley, she comes
a few times a week to play
at our place too.
And James Dean who is like
the most famous dog I know.  He is
just about everybody's favorite friend
And that is Josie next to James Dean
She was found on the 24th of July
sitting on a boat dock, looking like she was
thinking about giving up and jumping in
She was so scared.
 Some more of my friends who
come and play at the kennel, like
the beautiful Lillie
The shy but handsome Harley
 The strong and silent Gus
 And then there are my walking
buddies.  Little Miss Sophie and Gigi
Back at the kennel our overnight
guests like Marilyn
 And doesn't this one look like
My Vickie's moms dog KC?
 Bonnie, who is James Deans sister
 Marilyn's sis Monroe
 well, we wont always have this many
pictures, you can thank your
lucky stars for that
but we are glad you have found us
and hope you will come back