Monday, March 17, 2014

So What have I been up to

Hi to all my friends,  Yes, I am still alive.
We got more bad news this week about our
Internet service.  Yet another company has
told us that they do not service our area.
Yep, it is true.  Why you ask?
Too many trees.  Too many trees.
Well I love my trees so I guess we will
have to continue to look.
So what have I been up to?  Well my job at
the Salt Lake City International Airport
has turned out to be the funnest job ever.
See that cute girl up there.  She is one of the
many children that I get to visit with every time
I go.  Seems that travelers really need a furry
fella like me to cuddle with while they wait
for their planes.   Man I have it rough.....
Reading at the school with the kids is going well too.
I have to spend a lot of time helping some of them
sound out the words, but on the flip side, most of
them pick really cool books to read to me and I am
learning a ton of new stuff each week.
Last week at the hospital was kinda rough on my body.
I met this young man who My Vickie said
had downs syndrome.  He was so happy to see me.
I got up on the bed with him and he grabbed me and
hugged me and giggled.  His right arm was all bandaged
up with IV's and stuff going into it.  I made sure that
I sat on his left side.
After a bit of making friends, he got tired and we both lay
down to have a nap.  (again I made sure to be on his left
side not near his hurt arm)  After a few minutes we were both
deep in sleepy land.  Or at least I was deep in sleepy land.
All of a sudden the young man
"Punched me as hard as he could"
which wasn't really hard but it did kind
of startle me out of sleep.
My Vickie said that while we were sleeping, his right arm
started to hurt him pretty bad and his reaction was to hit me.
I know he didn't mean it, but My Vickie said
that she needed to be more watchful
so it didn't happen again.
She never wants me to be hurt.

 A little bit later we were in another room with another
young man.  His hands were tied to the side of his bed.
His 20 year oldbbody was all misshapen, his mind
was that of a beautiful child and he had the most
beautiful smile you will ever see on a human being.
I just had to go into his room because of that smile.
Even though he was tied to his bed (for his own safety)
he was the happiest guy ever.  Oh I cannot tell you
how he would light up the room when he smiled.
Really, it was so magnificent.
Anyway, I went and sat by him, close to his hand so
he could feel my fur and we could become pals.
See how my eyes are looking in the picture above.
That is how I look when My Vickie holds my ears back
and pulls my head up so someone can take the ball and
throw it for me.  I may not have thumbs but boy I can
hang onto a ball.  This is the only way to get it away from me.
Well, My Vickie is visiting with the boys mother and father
when she looks over to see how I am doing and that was
the look she saw on my face.  My friend (The boy) wanted
me to get in bed with him so he had grabbed my face
pushed it into the bed and was trying,
with one hand, to pull me up by my head.  
No he wasn't hurting me, not too much, he just wanted me
to join him, only I was supposed to stay at his side and not
get on the bed so I was holding my ground and he was
pulling.  It was a weird sensation and I guess I looked
pretty funny too.
But don't worry.  My Vickie helped me immediately and
with a little time, I was free of my friends grasp and waving
goodbye to him from the door.
And he smiled for me as I left.  That beautiful wondrous
smile of purity, love and joy.
So now I am exhausted but looking forward
to a well deserved rest.  Then it starts
all over again.  Life is so good.