Monday, May 27, 2013

Bits and Peices

 So, I thought I was big, that is
until Rex came to stay with us for
a week.  They guy is a GIANT
I mean a Giant my friends
and he keeps grabbing me by
the back of my neck and shaking
me like I was a squeaky toy.
My Vickie says it is all
in fun, but jeepers,
if having a monster grab
a bunch of your hair and
muscle, then twisting it back
and forth is what she calls "FUN"
well I got news for her.......
 Allred and Josie have started
sleeping together.  It is like
having the devil and his minions
have joined together for some
evil purpose that we are
surely going to regret.
And yet, on the softer side
Allred still loves his Nellie
 Tanner is doing well.  He sleeps
a lot, but he doesn't appear to be
in any pain and often is quite playful
Trixie found a new forever home
and we miss her, but are so
happy for her.  She found a great
family with another dog named
Pepper.  They really love each other.
 I got to wear Pastor Michelle's
new Chef's hat.
Who do you think looks
better in the hat.
Or Pastor Michelle?
think carefully
 My Vickie's sister Debbie gave
her a fruit of the month membership
for Christmas this year.
May is strawberries and oh boy
were they big strawberries.
And boy oh boy were they good.
Scrappy, Willa and Molly
have taken over the lazy boy
 Cheyenne is always making
funny faces (for more check out
our facebook page)
 Dougal Makes a perfect
reflection as he runs through
the great Salt Lake.
(Ya gotta love this picture)
 Dougal also wanted to warn us
all the the rattlers are out again
and in huge numbers.
Be careful my friends
And a final bit and piece.
John took this picture of the
babies in his back yard
Now I know a lot of you don't
like magpies but ya gotta
admit, the babies are pretty
cute.   And yes they are a scavenger
bird and yes, the eat other little
birdies babies, but
we like them anyway.


  1. We don't mind magpies...unless they swoop us. We love chasing them.

    Lots going on at your place. We were going to say the hat looked better on you, but then thought again, and thought Chef Michelle might not make you some treats if she thought the had didn't look good.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. That picture of you in Pastor Michelle's new Chef's hat just cracked us up, Bert! Thank you for the smiles!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. We like magpies too. There are actually quite a few in the fields with the horses!

    Thanks for al the photos, Bert. Careful not to let that GIANT eat you!

    The photo of Allred and Josie is so cute!


  4. that rex is too cute

    urban hounds

  5. Gosh ~ there was so much to see here today! That is a big pup!
    And those baby birds are sweet! The snake not so much. LOL!
    xo Catherine

  6. What a great update Bert! Please tell Rex that he better be careful with you ~ Wow, he is a BIG guy!

    OK, now that the new Chef Hat has been pulled out, let's see some serious cooking over there. Maybe Sasha can teach everyone how to make possum pizza :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. I love all your pictures ... but Cheyennes funny face is the best ;)
    ** Hughs ** and greetings from Germany,
    Isabella with Damon and Laika

  8. Great bits and pieces, Bert. Mom's favorite is the puppy pile on the recliner:) You tell that Giant to behave himself - he sure IS one big boy. But we hope he will be a gentle giant.

    Have a great week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Oh! Me lves all the pictures! Cheyenne has the best faces ever! And my sweetie Allred is always handsome!

  10. So much going on! You look great in that hat and good luck escaping evil and minions!

  11. Bert I feel your pain about that giant dog. Millie is always grabbing me by the neck and shaking me all around too.


  12. I think you both look great with this hat - but who will prepare the better food? I love the picture of Cheyenne and I'm glad Dougal is well again, I remember about his "sneaky" adventure. have a great tuesday - Easy Rider

  13. The baby birds are adorable - sending hugs to the little one with no feathers (!) - hope he grows some soon.

    Bella & Ruthie

  14. I refuse to weigh in on the chef's hat issue. Can it be a tie? I mean, you're my buddy, Bert, but I've seen how snuggly Goose's MOM is, so … yeah. I just can't choose.
    PS: We had our mom like your FB page so we can keep up!

  15. Love you in the hat Bert! Does that mean you will be doing some cooking?
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  16. Oh my Dogness - Rex is HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure he is a dog????

  17. Hi Bert, Glad you had a great weekend and I think Rex must have some Pyrenees in him. You look like a perfect chef but I bet Michelle's food would be more to my liking. Watch out for the snakes-we used to get them in Ca. every spring. They are here in the mountains but the plains don't have as many.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  18. Oh Bert, now you can understand why I am a bit of a recluse having grown up with a giant dog. Momma says that when their first mastiff, Raja, came to stay, she used to grab poor old Angus Airedale by the neck and shake him about like a toy as well. It all seems rather inappropriate to me.


  19. Those are FABulous bits and pieces Bert!!
    I thinks I'm in LOVE with Rex!! OMD, what a cutie!!!
    (sorry abouts the neck dude...)
    Your Vickie takes the bestest pics!!!

  20. Holy crap your friend is adorable and ginormous
    Benny & Lily

  21. I know a dog just like Rex. I think he's a Kuvatz (or something like that). He is HUGE but fortunately nice.

    It's so sweet that Allred sleeps with Josie.

    The magpie nest is so cute...

  22. that is one big white dog!!! and we loved your pictures...maybe josie shares her heart with allred?
    stella rose

  23. I think you and Pastor Michelle both look pretty great in that new chef's hat! And the picture of Dougal on the lake is soooo cool!

  24. Dougal's picture is beautiful!

    Thanks for the update on everyone - you look very cute in the chef's hat.


  25. Love all the pics but especially Dougal running in the Great Salt Lake.

  26. Gee whiz Bert! You have been busy!!!!


  27. Howdy Bert mate, gee we loved all your photos. Your giant friend sure is big. He would be a grreat playmate for Rory! We're happy Trixie found her forever home. She looks like a total darling.

    We can't answer your question about the chef's hat until you tell us who cooks the best??? Then we'll choose hehe. Take care with the rattlers. We love magpies cause they have a beautiful voice but just don't like it when they swoop us! Enjoy your weekend.
    NO worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  28. Great pictures, as always! I wonder why one of those babies has so few feathers compared to the others? Hope he is ok.

    My collies, in particular Holly, love strawberries. They are one of the few foods that Holly will actually steal! Steak no, she remembers her manners and doesn't attempt to snatch a bite. But strawberries? She will snatch one, quick as lightning, and race off to enjoy her plunder! Silly collie!

  29. What? Allred hanging with a dog? That can't be good!

  30. Hello my Friends!! It has been waaaaayyyyy too long--I somehow didn't follow you to this blog from your other--I'm been wondering where you all went, and I'm so glad that I followed a few crumbs and found you because I've missed you!! I'm glad to read that all is well, except for that snake!!

    I'm looking forward to keeping up with you, and I hope all is well in your time zone!! :-)

  31. Did you salute the magpie? Cause that is what you have to do every time... Say "Morning Cap'ain" and salute him. They are picky birds.

    Allred is going to end up taking over the world... just stay on his good side.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  32. I went to rattlesnake aversion training a couple of weeks ago. One of these days SHE will do a post about it. I did good!!


  33. I love the photo of the dog in the lake, it's really stunning. What kind of dog is Rex? He really is enormous!!

  34. Bert! I have missed you! I didn't catch your 'new page' post and have come to look for you!