Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 1 thru 5 2013

 Even though we don't get
much of a chance to
comment on our friends blogs,
Allred still wanted
to be sure that I sent
Miss Nellie this message.
"I still love ya girl......
 OK, now that that is done, here is
how my week went.
My Vickie and I met the most wonderful
woman at the hospital this week.  She was
in the ICU and we don't know exactly what
had happened but she was in pretty
bad shape.  She was so sad too
and she was having a really hard
time because she couldn't talk or move.
But when I walked by her
room and looked in, you could just see
her face light up, so My Vickie and I
went in to visit.  She was in a special chair
so I got up on her bed so I could lay
my head next to her hands.  She couldn't
move her hands more than a few inches
because they had restraints on her and
you could tell she was very frustrated and
very scared.
Well, I just cuddled up to her
and laid my head under her hand
so she could feel my soft coat.
My Vickie and her spent the next
half hour smiling and laughing
as they made up a new language for
her to speak (well not speak, but
communicate)  By the time
we left, she was feeling happy and
smiling.  It was a very good
experience for My Vickie
as she got a better understanding
of how I feel when I try and tell her
There are lots of different ways
to share your feelings other
than by words.  Humans can
learn a lot from us dogs in that regard.
It is almost time for
school to get out for the
summer.  We only have three
more visits before all the
kids get to have vacation.
I am pretty sure My Vickie will
miss our times with the kids.
I know I will.
It will make summer seem
awfully long, except My Vickie
says that lots of the kids want
to come and take me for walks,
so I think I'll make it. 
 Our Friend Caren Quast sent
us some pictures from her new
house down in New Mexico.
She has the funnest guests come
play.  Like these two Javelina's.
Well we had never heard of Javelina's
before but now we know all about
them and they are cool.
(Nope, they are not wild boars)
The two birds are a quail up in
the top left side and a roufous-sided
Towhee on the bottom right.
Thanks Caren for Sharen.
(he he, I made a rhyme)
 And check out Oak Creek
 I just love water.
 We met up with our friends
on Saturday for our walk
and My Vickie set up a Pre-Test
for the search dog team of
Zoie and Brenda.
(Special thanks to the greatest
victim in the world.  Goose and his
human Michelle)
And Dougal got to go
on a weekend trip to areas
around the Great Salt Lake.
We thought that those of you
who are not from Utah might
enjoy seeing some of the variety
of terrain in Utah.
Of course you always see my mountains
and my moose and my rivers
and streams.  But if you want
to see another side of Utah,
check out Dougals flicker site
below.  It is amazing the difference.
 And for even more of a different
side of our wonderful state
I pulled up one of Shyla and KB's
post from a camping trip they
took last month.
Night all


  1. You really do have quite a variety of landscapes in your state! Maybe we will get to visit your state one day!

  2. Bert when school is out for the summer maybe you would like to come and read books to the kids at St. Anne's. They would LOVE you!! And I know you like going there. That Duagal sure has cool adventures. Not bad for a snake survivor, in fact it is pretty amazing. I'll see ya tomorrow buddy. I hope you will not be banished to the farther regions of the kennels. Stay out of trouble so we can hang out.

  3. What an amazing connection you and your Vicki made with that patient. Keep up the good work.

    Millie & Walter

  4. Those are some great pics!

    As for Allred, we don't think we've ever seen Mommy want to snorgle a bellah so badly!

  5. Bert, thanks for the photographs of Utah - OMD, it looks AMAZING! I've never seen mountains that big!!

    And we loved reading about your visit to the ICU and meeting the nice lady. She says that people like your Vickie and four legged ones like you are just amazing, bringing so many smiles into the world for sad and sick people.



  6. There's lots of ways to communicate. Bert, you just made that lady feel so good....that's better than medicine!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We so very much admire all of the good things you and Miss Vickie do with all of the children and the patients in the hospital, Bert. Bless you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Dear Bert, please give the woman in the hospital a hug from me, if you can. You're right humans can learn a lot from dogs. I also never heard about Javelinas, but they look a little scary to me with their large theeth :o) Dougal is the doggy who was attacked by a snake, right? I'm glad he is well again. Thanks for sharing your adventures with me...

  9. Oh Bert, you just make our hearts swell with pride! Knowing you do so very much for people makes us happy. We always love to hear about your adventures, the things you do, the people you meet, etc.

    We know that you will miss the kids at school reading to you. But we just know that you will have a fun filled summer!

    Your furends pictures are really cool.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. Bert ~ you are truly good for the soul. You and your Vickei do beautiful work. I'm glad you were able to bring a little happiness to that woman. Big hugs to you both!

    Tell Allred he looks extra cute in his photos for me. :)
    xo Catherine

  11. Bert you brought SO much JOY and Love to that lady. She must have felt so much better after your visit. YOU are the BEST.

    OH MY... Miss Nellie will be thrilled to hear from Allred.
    Us ... not so much... you know he SCARES us.

  12. Oh Bert my mom got tears in her eyes cos of all the good you and your momma bring into the lives of people who are suffering. We always think of that saying.."angles among us" when we read your blogs. Someday we would sure like to meet you guys and even allred!
    stella rose

  13. Dear Bert and Vickie, I'm so glad to be able to comment here again. It's good to see you having fun and that handsome AllRed. Utah looks beautiful. The Typist wants to know if I can come live with you if she cops it on holiday.

    I hope your computer gremlins get sorted in August. We miss you heaps (even though we've not been blogging at all). Hopefully, we'll have some time this week to check out your adventures that we've missed. Big hugs to everyone! X

  14. You have so many wonderful places to visit and we never tire of seeing them - so keep on posting and don't worry about those silly comments!

    We feel very badly for that lady in the hospital - we hope that she can overcome her injuries, both physically and emotionally. Maybe you and your Vickie will see her again on another visit.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. WE love your updates Bert. Mom has been telling Dad how beautiful your area is. She thinks we should plan a drive down and we could meet you and Goose!. Wouldn't that be fun.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  16. So happy you have an update for us Bert! Goose told us all about the search this weekend too! Have a good one!

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  18. What a great story. Bet you will never know how much joy you brought to her
    Benny & Lily

  19. Oh Allred! Me LOVES yous too! Thanks so much for sending mes the pictures! Me is printing the montage and putting it where me sleeps!
    And Bert
    Mes loved the pictures of yous too, not as much as the hairy slobbery sisters though! They would LOVES to goes on some of your adventures!

  20. You are such a busy guy and get to do so many wonderfu things. I esp. like the vivit you had with the woman in the rock dude!

  21. Oh pretty! There is a chance I may be at Bryce Canyon for work in the future - are you anywhere near there?


  22. Hi Bert, Loved seeing all your pics from the week. I've never heard of Javelina's before-how interesting. My brother and sil will be driving out here for a visit in June; they are stopping in Salt Lake and wanted suggestions of some interesting things to do besides visit the Mormon temple. I will pass on this info for them.
    Hugs today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  23. Wow, what a few days! I am so happy to see Allred being himself. He's the miracle cat, and I 'm so very happy about it.

    Utah is so amazing with the variety of terrain, from high mountains, to lakes, to deserts. You live in an amazing place.

  24. Our Mom and Dad were out riding their bikes by the marina at the Salt Lake this weekend - we'll have to ask them if they saw Dougal! And yes, we live in a truly fantastic place! Mom is going to the therapy dog handler training class this Saturday - the first step in seeing if Abby is up for being a therapy dog. We'll keep you posted - you've inspired us, Bert! And honestly, we're glad to see Allred is fully recovered! We miss you, but love seeing your updates!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  25. What a happy moment. Bert, you do very important work.


  26. We really admire all of the work that you and your Vickie do for the kids at the school and at the hospital. It is wonderful that you made that woman's day!! We are glad to see that Allred seems to be feeling better. We would like to go and visit Utah some day!! We keep tellin' mama that we need to go there, but so far she has not been successful in convincing Dad to go!! It is beautiful country out where you live!! xoxo Chloe and Ladybug

  27. Fabulous pictures and wonderful stories, Bert. And Allread, you're looking great!

    Woofs and Purrs,
    Tommy and The Chans

  28. You are such a lovely boy, spending time that that lady... :)

  29. Oh Bert, I know you made such a difference to the woman in the hospital. What a beautiful story. It gave us chills! Thank you for helping her!

    Your pal. Pip

  30. Oh, Bert,
    It sounds like you've been having a brilliant time at all of those special walks! I especially loved the story about the poorly lady at the hospital. You are a very inspiring dog and it makes me smile when you tell us about making other people smile!
    Pippa :)

  31. HOWDY BERT!!! How are ya mate? Sounds like you have been super busy with all your visits. What a wonderful hospital visit. We send your hospital friend gentle hugs. Loved all your photos and we too hadn't heard of a Javelina. Cool. Give your Vickie a slobber from us ok? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  32. Woof! Woof! Glad to see Allred is still around. BEAUTIFUL photos and adventure you guys had. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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  34. My Bert your days have been really full. Visiting in hospital and school. I am a reader dog myself so I know how much those kids like to see us. You have so many abilities why you are like super dog. I think Utah is most beautiful. I love seeing bloggers neighborhoods. Oh I Allred.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  35. Bert, you are such a rock star! I LOVE what you and your Vickie did for the lady in ICU and I know you'll miss your school visits but maybe you can do other fun stuff!
    Your cat Allred is scary. I would BUFF at him.

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  37. Bert you are the best therapy dog. I hope Toby will become more patient and develop more empathy as he matures (at 2, he isn't willing to cuddle people unless they are his own people). I don't know why I just saw that I could comment again, but please know we've been visiting regularly and keeping up with your busy days and lovely photos. You're inspirational Bert!

  38. Hi Bert! We are stopping by to say hello! Xo Chloe and LadyBg