Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bert Journal April 12th and 13th 2013

Early Friday morning, to my great surprise,
Whitney showed up to work.  Now what was
she doing here on a Friday, I wondered.
Next De and Sweet Annie came driving
up.  What in the world was going on.
Then I figured it out.   "HIKING"
we were going hiking, but to where. 
 It didn't take long to realize that we
were hiking up to the Environmental
Center where I was just sure there would
be lots of kids waiting for us.
 Oh we had a wonderful time.  Ken, his son
and their three dogs met us on the trail as
we headed to the center.
Of course there was lots of hugging,
lots of petting and man you should have
seen Tucker when they had a kid
hide in the woods so they could
see how us search dogs can find them.
 It was a great way to end the work week.
 Saturday started with feeding, cleaning
and watering all my guests.  Whitney came
again, but she always comes on Saturday
to work so that isn't a surprise.
She always brings her dog Zero.  Josie really
HATES Zero.  Poor Zero cannot get within
three feet of Josie without her curling her
lips and sometimes even bolting off the bed
in an attempt to scare him.
She is very good at scaring other dogs.
 Vickie and I went to help out at an
adoption day with our buddies Toby and his
human Marian from the Therapy Group.
It got pretty nerve racking when we
arrived cause a ton of people came running
over to us, asking if I was up for adoption.
I am usually pretty calm about crowds,
but today I was careful to make
sure I had Vickie in view
all the time. I mean, it is nice that everyone
wanted to adopt me.....But I already have
a home. A great home.......
Now we are home and resting up
cause tomorrow is Sunday.
"The Day Of Rest"