Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 6th 8th and 9th

 Saturday we met with some friends
and played and ran and swam.  It was a
great day.  Our friends from Bear Lake
came down and we set up some search
problems for them.  It was so much fun
 We even got a new pup that has
joined our family of Saturday walkers
Of course Miss Sophie was close
to my side all the day.
 Check out this little cutie
I may have a crush on her.
 Not to say that Annie is any less
important to me.  I love my girls

 Back at the kennel, Little Willa
smiles and greets new pups and humans.
 Allred is still hanging around the house,
He doesn't go out much at all these days
and he still limps on his right leg.
Monday Vickie and I  spent the day
at Sandridge Junior High with all the
ninth graders.  Six and a half hours of
teenagers.  It was GREAT 
 They had this big ole stuffed bear in
the library where we were "Doing our Demo"
He was really comfy.
 Of course Vickie had to do something
silly by putting my boomerang
on my face.
 There were tons of kids and tons of books
It was a great day.
We have a new guest that will be coming
every day of the week except Sundays for
Day Care.  She is staying with James Dean
as a foster and we are already in love with her. 
 My Whitney came for a short visit
and brought this little human "CC"
we were all intrigued by her.
Very Interesting those little humans.
The little ones giggle a lot
and this one is always smiling.
I think I like little humans.