Friday, April 19, 2013

Third Week of April

 Thursday Morning was a sad day
for our little Tanner.   His human passed
away.  Of course Tanner can be a member
of our family for the rest of his life
but it is always hard to lose a loved one.
We think Tanner knew, because at the time
she passed, he was eating breakfast. 
He stopped eating after only
a few bites and turned around
and looked into open space, then walked into
another room with his eyes looking upward
like he was walking with someone and listening
to them talk.  I know to some, that is just
something that happened but to me,
I wonder if his human came to say goodbye.
 Bert is moving on to another
classroom of children this week.
The class he read with over the last
few months asked us to come in for a minute
before we start the new group.
They said goodbye and gave us a beautiful
book with pictures of each child reading
to Bert and some very precious
letters from all of them.
There were even a few tears.  They all
wanted a big hug from Bert before we
left which he happily gave them.
 The new group of kids were excitedly waiting
for us and with a few words of
dog courtesy, we were off again
on a new adventure.

 Earlier in the week, we were both invited
to a Physicians Luncheon where
Bert was asked to "Just Be Himself"
as the doctors and nurses asked questions
about him and the other teams.
Then we were off to visit patients and family
members.   Bert was particularly loving
that day which was great as he had
some very special gentlemen who needed
his presence very much.
Now it is heading into the weekend which
is going to be all about PLAY.