Monday, April 8, 2013

Berts Journal April 7 2013

Today was Conference Sunday.  That Sunday that comes twice a year, when you can stay in your PJ's all day if you want and listen to incredibly spiritual and wonderful people on your Television.

So in between meetings we decided to take Tanner to Salt Lake to the Care Center to see his sweet human.  You see, Tanner came to stay with us a couple of months ago because his dear human fell and broke her femur.

She then suffered a terrible bout of pneumonia and is now back in a Care Center waiting to heal completely. 

We fostered Dear Tanner until she is ready for the both of them to come home.
Tanner had a rough go of it when he first came.  He had several very bad tumors and a rotten tooth.  It was decided that surgery would be his only chance so, even though he is about 14 years old and not what you would consider a "Good Risk" patient, we went ahead and removed the two tumors and the bad tooth.
Much to every ones surprise he survived.  He is doing wonderful and it was decided today would be the best time for both of them to meet.

It was a tender reunion as Tanner got up in bed with Barbara and the two of them cosied in to each other and cuddled for the whole visit.

We hope to go again really soon.  Maybe next time Vickie will let me come along to.  I am sure I could visit the other folks while Tanner spends more time with his loved Barbara.