Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogging Break with Posts

Hi my friends and family.
I have a short explanation for the
first part of this blog.
Like we said last time.  The internet
is not being our friend right now
and we don't know how long
it will take to make it our friend again.
In the mean time, yes, we are reading
all about you guys, but commenting
only as often as we are allowed to.
But My Vickie still wants to keep a
running account of our lives,
you know, for the memory books.....
So you will see posts from us as
often as we can, but our comments
will be turned off because well, we just
feel guilty cause we can't comment back.
So if you are ever bored and wanna
check up on me, we would love
to have you come by.
And maybe after a while, we will
get a faster service and we can come
back full time to be with our
friends in blogville.
So now down to the stuff
"About Me"
And don't forget me....Please.
Love you
 Just thinking today about
all my wonderful friends.  I am one
lucky dog.  I know I am speaking for
My Vickie too.  We have so many lovely
and wonderful people and dogs in our lives.
 I was also thinking about all those other
dogs and children and just people in general
who don't have a nice comfortable bed
to sleep in, or a loving family, or food in their
bowl.  All those critters who are fearful
and nervous, and homeless.  I am a blessed pup.
 I was thinking of all the special little humans
that I get to spend time with each week
at the schools.
 My Vickie and I have a wonderful
human family too.  We get to see
most of them almost every week at least
once and it is always a happy time.
 I live close to friends and famly
so we often get together to play.
 Some of our family even come and
work at Canine Country Club with
us so I get to see them even more.
 On almost every Saturday we get to go
on a wonderful walk with friends.  This last
Saturday my search dog friends and I
set up some really good search dog problems
for our teams that came down from Idaho.
Boy we set up some really hard problems
for them and they did WONDERFUL
If My Vickie and I ever get lost
we want them to come find us.
 Back at home, we played with
our guests.  Lots of ball and frisbee.
Lots of romping and playing
Lola and Zero became best buddies 
Oh and lets not forget all the cool
times and people I get to meet at the
hospital.  Like this week we met the coolest
lady who had the most wonderful British accent.   And we also met this other
lady who had that flesh eating disease you
hear about.  Only she is going to be
ok, but just barely.  She said that the
doctors told her that if she had waited
one more hour before coming into getting
help, she would most likely have died.
Can you imagine.....
 I love the nurses and doctors too.
They always have lots of pets and hugs for
me and sometimes they even have treats.
And I am a crazy guy for treats.
So as Sunday comes upon us
I want everyone in our lives to know
how greatful we are for you.
Signing off